Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Snow Always Saves My Holiday Spririt

The snow that we woke up to today was perfectly timed. Yesterday we did some holiday shopping for M, and A called his parents and cleared up some of the confusion about our plans this year. It was a perfect weekend (except for the sick thing)

I think I'm ready to take on the next three weeks. The day job promises to be pretty darn busy, but I think if I can just get over this bug, I'll have things pretty under control.

The gift we got for M was her other big one. We had been trying to figure out if we should get her a kitche. We decided yes, she would love it, but then I went back and forth on which one. I knew I didn't want a plastic one, but the all natural wood ones were too expensive, and we don't have much space to work with.

My SIL sent me this great one, and I fell in love, but I was still worried about the space. We went to Costco this weekend to see it in person, and we realized it was the right choice. It will fit the space we have, and the color will work if we ever have another kid (specifically if it happens to not be another girl).

We had to renew our membership, but with the 30 bucks off, it pretty much paid for itself to go this route.

So that, along with the baby doll I already got her, means that shopping for M is very nearly done. Now all I need is a list for my niece and I should be able to finish up with plenty of time left to do some baking.

As a random aside... A ride on dinosaur? Really? A says he would have gone crazy for it when he was a kid, but I guess with our small house, I just can't see any way it would make sense. I'm also not entirely sure that it wouldn't scare some kids.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I give up.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow, well.. maybe. It is the last day.

By the time I have time to blog, my cold meds have worn off, and I feel too crummy to want to write. However, it is still too early to take anything before bed, when I need it to sleep.

I may try to go to Urgent Care tomorrow. My swollen throat is bad enough I'm having trouble talking when I'm not taking something. I held out on seeing an ENT this summer hoping that this winter it would be different, but we appear to be off to the same start as last year. I'll make the call Monday, see how long the wait is, and hope that once the damn things come out (my tonsils) that my recovery is quick.

Oh, and that they don't mess with my already fragile tooth in the process. If it didn't hurt so bad, I'd reconsider wanting to have them out to spare the risk to my dental work...

Oh, yeah so I have defective tonsils. They swell up with any little cold I get, then won't go down. Swell up enough that it changes the shape of my neck. They were always annoying, but since M started daycare (or well, was born, depending on how you look at it) I can't sneeze without it requiring antibiotics and steroids to get the swelling down. Yay immune system! Whee!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Very Nearly Done

What do you know, I think I may make it to the end of the month. Even with all of the sicky sick.

While I adore having my mom around, and seeing my brother was awesome, I'm pretty glad they're gone. A and I are still sick, and M is well, other than some sniffles. We're going to watch her run around the house all weekend while we work on getting better.

I think our most adventurous plans involve doing some measuring in her room to make sure that the kitchen we want to get her will actually fit. (Maybe I should have done that before...)

The next major thing I need to have taken care of is figuring out what our Christmas plans are. Then it is surviving them.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

The Christmas music may now begin....

Things I learned this year:

It is fun to do family Thanksgiving with my husband, daughter, mom and brother. Much less stress.

A makes the gravy. He's been telling me for years he is an expert, but this year he proved it. I still have to start it, but he makes it the perfect thickness.

Potatoes are just a vehicle for gravy. But only the perfect gravy will work.

Brining a turkey really does help it be more moist, but you still have to cook it all of the way.

Speaking of that, no matter what oven, no matter where I live, I have to learn to add an hour to the cooking time that it should be done at. Dinner will always be an hour late.

M likes stuffing.

The fresh cranberry salad makes M shudder, after she swallows. It is cute.

I'm thankful for everything that I have. My family is wonderful, and I am so very lucky.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I give you... Chicken Dog

Super Chicken Dog? Maybe she needs a cape. I tried to get the hat on her too, but M was jealous of her. Poor Tess, I only torture her because she's so cute. Just wait for the elf costume for Christmas cards... I even found her Achilles heel for treats. Apples. It's going to be awesome!

As a bonus, curls. They never last past right after her bath, but they are so cute.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm sick now with a lovely cold, my house is still a mess, and I have a ton to do.

I keep trying to come up with post ideas, but I'm failing. I blame the fuzzy head feeling from the congestion.

I will make up for it with cute pictures tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The benefits of peer preasure

I had a sneaking suspicion that my stubborn little girl would likely be back to her old self if she just got around her friends. (funny how that works)

I think I was right. She was back to her old self, playing, eating?!, napping like normal. All I had to do was mention Max and she perked up on our walk into daycare. She's still asking for her Nuk at all of the wrong times, refusing some foods, but overall, I think she's back.

I'm pleased, though I could use some more of those great hugs from when she wasn't feeling so well.

I could also use to not be sick now myself.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have you ever noticed...

That Steven Tyler looks a lot like Carly Simon these days.

I'm sure that is more of a Twitter kind of thing, but I couldn't resist...

Much better, thank you.

She's been fever free for a day, a rash has developed (another Roseola twice kind of kid) and she'll be back in daycare tomorrow.

She is drinking, so that is good.

She is not however really eating all that much. She's refusing veggies, (except zucchini with balsamic vinegar...) and proteins, including cheese and chicken, some of her faves. She's still just starting to feel better, so I'm torn about if I should stick to it that she needs to eat the good stuff. After months and months of just eating and eating and eating, she's behaving more like a toddler than I'm used to. I want her to eat something, but the girl cannot live on bread and bananas alone.

Any ideas? How long before I make her actually eat real food? Wait for the peer pressure of daycare to help her get back on track?

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Mom arrived early last night, M slept Ok, but not great. After a minor last hurrah this morning, it would seem that M's fever has broken. Still not eating so great. Drinking is much better.

Eventually I'll quit writing about her being sick. Maybe when she eats normally again.

We went to Coffee Fest this morning, at the formerly lovely Calhoun Square. They seem to be in the midst of a remodel ala Shoppes at Arbor Lakes. I don't know how I feel, so when I was younger I always wanted to be a punk in Uptown, and now, that seems like such a thing of the past.

There were less vendors, and more people trying to sell me something (not impress me into buying, there is a difference). There was far less coffee overall, no parking, and less other commercial stuff.

However, the company was wonderful, lunch at French Meadow was great, and we've made plans for seeing each other for more than once a year. Now if M would just eat before she goes back to daycare, it would be a good weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Huh. Still sick

Still sick. The fevers seem to be more under control, so I definitely think downward swing. This evening, I took her temp, fully under the influence of both ibuprofin and tylenol, and it was a mere 99.1 degrees. I doubt it would stay that low without intervention, but we're about to find out. I'll only give her meds at night if she wakes up. Sleep is too precious.

The good news is that today she drank a lot of water (comparatively) and even managed to eat more than just cheerios and puffs (though that was mostly what she ate). The majority of the food was steamed dumplings from a local Chinese food chain. At least she has good taste.

My mom's flight gets in in less than an hour, and we haven't cleaned a damn thing. The dishwasher need to be emptied then filled, the garbage need taking out, and I'm just realizing I need to go throw in the sheets I got for her bed so they are dry when I get home from picking her up. Crap.

Oh, the only thing I'm worried about is that M hasn't peed in four hours. That can be normal right?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It continues, and the cracks show

Today it got worse, she's refusing to eat or drink just about anything. We've tried all of her favorites.

On Doctors orders of whatever it takes, Popsicles, jell-o, etc, we've tried everything we can think of to get fluids into her, and she refused it all. What kid refuses jell-o?

Maybe my trying to stick to health food while she's little has backfired. I mean, seriously, I would have killed to get jell-o when I was sick. I got plain yogurt with honey...

Her white blood cell count from yesterday to today has gone down, but so far, her fever has not really. No rash yet, so maybe not roseola. Just a damn virus.

The worst part, I'm tired, and getting short with her. Frustrated and it isn't fair to her, because she's just a little kid who is sick. I've had to walk away more times than I wish... Wishing like hell that "because I say so" held anything with her. I suspect it never will.

I just hope it breaks so, and she isn't so stubborn to not even drink something when she feels better. (we suspect she's refusing to drink/eat because well, she's like her dad)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Under the wire

Illness continues. 105.3 after being given medication.

Long night ahead.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time out for a sick day

M was up last night crying, in pain, we thought it was just gas due to the adult sounding farts (how do small bodies make so much noise? )

This morning, a low fever, then it just got higher. We're up to 103.9 and I'm calling uncle, and giving her some drugs for it.

A's day to stay home tomorrow, so maybe a real post.

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Wa-Wa or The Great Sippy Showdown Take 2

Turns out that post yesterday was a good lead in to what is going on around here today.

M has always had odd issues with what she puts in her mouth if it is something that involved liquids. The nipple shield, she used until the very last time she nursed. I tried to wean her of it multiple times and finally gave up since the battle was not worth it and my supply never suffered.

When it came time to have her drink breast milk from a bottle, I had a heck of a time finding ones she would drink from. Avent wide necks, ok, but not great. The only thing she would take were Gerber Nuk wide mouths. You know, full of BPA. I hand washed bottles for months, purchased every bottle known to man to try to find one that either worked with the nipples, or she would take, and finally after she turned one, found Green to Grow was a passable fit. (I even tested some sealing caps for them too) She never, ever, would take breastmilk out of anything other than my silicon covered boob or a Nuk teat.

Sippy cups, another challenge. They were too big, or too odd, and I bought every BPA free starter model I could get, lined them all up, and finally got her to use the Nuby ones. They were good, since we worried about some of the valve models and her already touchy ears (it was during the months of ear infections)

Now, we've got other issues. She CHEWS on the Nuby bottles, breaks the seal part, and then "washes" everything. Yesterday we caught her washing her books.

We need a new sippy. One that she can't chew on, that she can still get water out of easily (the girl has no problem drinking enough water), but that she can't use to "wash" anything. Oh yeah, and did I mention BPA free? She has thus far resisted straw models because she wants to tip her head back. (doesn't mean I'm not trying)

So tonight I went shopping, and tomorrow we are repeating the sippy cup showdown of last year. This time with all new models.

We have stage three and four Playtex, including straw sippy. I also got a Munchkin straw sippy, for another open/close option. (tried to find the super firends variety, but no luck) I would like her to be able to do that part herself.

Did I miss another option? I've been checking out BPA stuff at Zrecs, but if these don't work, I may need other choices.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A little blast from the past

I meant to post some stuff from my old blog, the one from before I started this more public one and removed even more specific details. I had forgotten about it until I was desperate for something to post tonight. I read through this post and it made me cry. It still makes me sad that before she was even three days old, I already had a day and a half where I couldn't hold my baby. Especially when she now regularly squirms away from me, I work 40+ hours a week, she she will only grow farther from me.

Yellow is not a good color for a...

Wednesday, 18 April 2007
Breastfeeding is hard. And there is not guarentee that its going to work the way you want it to, no matter how hard you try. Not to mention, there are like a million different "right" ways to do everything. The worst part is, sometimes its hard to get the support you know you need.

I knew that breastfeeding wasn't going well. I knew because I've seen it actually work, I took the class, etc. I knew it wasn't working, and I kept asking for professional help. I didn't know they won't give you help until you've been there for a day. Then I got ignored, and given at least six different things to do by nurses, none of which worked. By the time the M was a day and half old, while she was peeing OK, she wasnt' pooping, and she was really badly jaundiced.

Problem was, no one really noticed. I noticed she wasn't feeding right, but see two paragraphs above. Then we had an angel. A month and a half ago when I fell during the snow storm, I was sent to Abbott to get monitored for 6 hours. They gave me a delivery room to hang out in (beats a gurney any day), and a really cool nurse to look after the M and I. Friday night she was covering post partum, and came to visit. She noticed that M was really yellow, so she asked to have us for her next shift. She took M to the nursery, ran tests, and found out how bad her jaundice really was. Then she came and actually listened and closely watched me feed, and figured out what the issue was.

M is pickey, and my nipples weren't doing it for her. M got put under photo lamps, and I got a nifty little piece of silicon to help make M notice that she's got something to suck on. Now I know that there are plenty of people out there who think I should have tried harder, that I just didn't give it enough time... but my daughter was sick. Sick enough to get her another day in the hospital where the only time I got to spend with her was when I was feeding her (which ta-da, actually felt right and was working).

For a day and a half, every 2-3 hours, I fed for as long as she could stand it, and then had to pump for another 10 minutes while she was naked under lights, all alone in an isolette for 1-2+ hours at a time. Now tell me again that I just didn't try hard enough. Since she went home Sunday (I was discharged on Saturday, and then hung out in a very very small room for the extra day so I could feed and pump), we saw a lactation consultant in the hospital who thought that the nipple shield was a good thing. As did the lactation consultant at her Pediatricians office. She is gaining weight like well.. a weed. Yeserday, only six days old, she was up from 7 pounds 14 ounces to 8 pounds 2 ounces.

The nipple shields a pain, but if it helps her get what she needs, the lacatation nazi's can bite me. Eventually she should be able to get the hang of it and not need it. If she doesn't, I don't care. She's getting the benefit of breast milk, and time with me, and she's perfect. We've even figured out how to feed and not get both of us entirely covered in milk. (Trickier than you think)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family & Holidays

I'm desperately trying to come up with a really important and special post today, but I just can't. It was a lazy day (with some work getting done too) and it just feels like too much effort. Especially since I recently found out I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house and I am going to need all of the energy I can get.

We were supposed to go see my brother and his fiance this year. Then their house wasn't going to be kid friendly in time. They were replacing nearly all of the windows in a nearly 100 year old house and the inside trim wasn't going to be done.

So we were going to my in-laws. Which I was less than thrilled about because well, I'm having a grinchy holiday season again already, and I'll save that for the basement or something.

Then my brother calls me at work on Thursday, which he never does, to ask about Thanksgiving. Color me confused, I thought we already decided. He then outs to me that he split with the fiance a couple of weeks ago, and he can now travel to our house. Yay, but not yay because I now need to order a bird (free range organic from the best co-op ever).

Then my mom, who was coming for a quick weekend visit because it has been really long time since she visited, decides that since she will NOT be moving back to Minnesota (wah!), she will now stay for a week, through Thanksgiving so she can also see my brother.

So, I now need to clean, plan a dinner, and deal with a husband who hates house guests, but tolerates my family, but still really doesn't like hosting.

Bonus though, I'm totally going to tell everyone how my first attempt at brining a turkey works. And I get to make the kind of food I want for the meal.

Sorry about the English abuse.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A scarf, a ball, a doll blanket

If I think back to when I was a kid, I am hard pressed to remember many gifts I received that were not home made. Both my grandmother's sewed and quilted, and my grandma Marie knitted, crocheted, dried flowers, and just generally crafted. Our tree is still decorated with tiny crocheted snow flakes that she made (and starched) when we were growing up.

A scarf crocheted for me by Grandma Marie, a ball she knit for my brother (stuffed with pantyhose) and a scrap quilt from my Grandma Lila. All were Christmas gifts. All of them M now plays with.

As an adult, I've managed to try to continue the traditions. I remembered a few things they taught me. I've added to my skills by taking some classes and teaching myself to knit out of a book. The year after I learned to knit, in my loneliness living in NYC all alone, I knit 25 hats in a period of two months. Everyone I knew got a hat that year for Christmas. I've given away hand knit mittens for a family adoption at work. I even knit my husband a scarf. (It only took two years to do it)
This year will likely be the first year that we'll attempt the home made gifts with M, but I already have some ideas of how to do it with our budget. I've researched paint your own pottery places (local suggestions would be appreciated if you are familiar with them), and I'm going to dig out the Shrinky Dinks.

Even if this year isn't a huge success, I know that homemade will always be a part of our gift giving. I hope that M grows up to appreciate it as much as I do. She certainly loves the scarf... and the ball... and that blanket has never been used to much to wrap up and rock dolls.

This blog post is for a contest at the Parent Bloggers Network, sponsored by Klutz. I've always been a huge fan of Klutz, so I'm kind of hoping I'll win the big prize. Even if I don't, I now have an incredible urge to make some potholders.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm so glad he didn't live to see this

My uncle John was gay. His being gay was always a non issue for me because he was always accepted by his family. My catholic grandmother who said my mother was a witch and should be burned at the stake, loved her son and supported him. It really wasn't a surprise, since my grandparents had always set a great example. Long before their youngest son came out, my school teacher grandfather tutored kids who had been kicked out of school for being gay. In that environment I don't think he could have been anything other than proud of who he was.

He came out of the closet around the time he graduated from high school in the early 70's. After that he moved to California and lived there most of the rest of his life. He lived his life out and proud before many did. When I visited California for his memorial service I heard a number of times from people who had been his friends for nearly all of the time he had lived there that he was braver and more honest than they could have been. (they also said that he was brave enough to take on guys twice his size in a bar, but I think that was a height thing)

He would have celebrated when gays finally were able to marry. Some of his friends had been in relationships for 30 or more years so he knew that they had the power to last where many hetero couples did not. However, if his heart hadn't already been broken from losing so many friends to AIDS, and his addictions hadn't already taken his life, this surely would have done it.

I've always been extremely sad that neither of the uncles I knew will ever get to know, or be known by one of their great nieces. They were both wonderful men who died long before their time. I hope that when I'm telling M about her gay great uncle some day I can tell her about his wild life, the pain he experienced, and that California some day came through for him. How hate lost and love won.

We won't be able to make the march this weekend, but I encourage you to go if you can. Whatever you believe, hate shouldn't win.

The photos are part of the family photos my dad gave me as the keeper of the family memories. I wish I had some more recent photos of him, but I never thought he would be gone so soon, or that I would miss him so much.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WW - Chicken Girls


Sometimes it amazes me what you can get for a few bucks at Ikea.

Also, behold, the most I am allowed to show you of my daughter's face. Like the adorable Star Wars shirt? Why can't they make them for girls, or why can't she grow more than a bad mullet.

Next week, we try putting it on the dog. Either that or the flower pot one I also got.

Well, maybe not so wordless.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I blame the green goo

Pink eye is going around daycare, I caught some green goo in the corner of M's eye today. Spent our evening getting her to eat, getting her to Dr, getting her home and to bed just in time. (while singing every song we knew on the car ride home to keep her awake) A went out to fill the prescription and hunt for the elusive Reeces Peanut Butter, while I tried to write my post for Savvy Source. The dog, the building company from Iowa who doesn't know how to use a freaking fax machine, and the neighbor's dog all had other ideas.

I am now totally tired and out of ideas. I still have to do the dishes and clean up from dinner too.

Tomorrow will be better, there are fine feathered things to see. They are good.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, that will teach me.

The previous potty post may be the last you hear about potty around here for awhile. I also haven't given a sleep update for fear of jinxing it. Today I tempted fate by posting a comment over at Cribsheet about how great of an eater M is. She got me back by proceeding to have a major temper tantrum (really, her first of many I am sure) about eating dinner. Bad timing, she was off a bit all day, and it all just went horribly wrong. A and I have agreed that he will be more involved in things, since she seems to respond to him more me sometimes. I am a far greater pushover than I had hoped I would be.

In any case, though I am sure that this will come back to haunt me, M has been sleeping much better lately. We discovered that footy jammies are a must, since she is a squirmer and getting cold seems to have been part of the issue. Now the hard part is finding cotton ones since synthetic fibers make her sweat. I think we're good for now, just hope she doesn't grow out of them before the end of winter.

Of course, now I am sure that she will be up all night. At a minimum sleeping next to me and making my back go all wonky.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big things, big things

A couple of weeks ago at M's conference, her teacher mentioned that she had asked to sit on the potty. * It apparently came as a surprise to her as well. Her room is all under two, and while she sees some older kids use it in the morning for the hour or so that the rooms are mixed before the day starts, we haven't made a very big deal out of the potty.

Then last week here at home she asked to sit on the potty again. I took off her diaper, and held her on the regular toilet, because of course we still haven't bought her a potty. Maybe we should, right?

So during a weekend organizational spree and subsequent visit to Ikea, we picked up a potty. You know, the four dollar no risk variety.

We took it home, we sat on it. That was yesterday.

Today, before bath, we sat on it again...

And peed!!!!

I know, at 18 months most likely a total fluke. I may have trained early, but I'm totally realistic. I resisted the urge to take a picture to show her when she's a teen and being horrible.

It does however bring up another small issue. And by small, I mean small.

Knowing that my tall girl is going to outgrow onesies before the end of winter, and that potty training may be coming eventually, I bought some little 2-3T camisoles when I was at Target. Thinking that they would be the thing to layer under her shirts, you know, tuck into her jeans. Except they would maybe make it to her bellybutton if she was lucky. I suspected this, so I also got some boys undershirts, but they may be a little wide (and of course three inches longer, wtf?). They also seem slightly short.

Where do you find toddler undershirts? Long ones? There are other Minnesotans reading this, so I am hoping that someone has some ideas. Because the poor girl has no fat, she gets cold easily.

* It is one of the itty bitty porcelain potties that is just too cute, and if I ever won the lottery, had lots of kids and a nursery, I would totally put one in.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I can haz musik?

Between not having any money since my career started over, and paying for daycare, I haven't really felt like I could afford to buy much music. However, Christmas is coming, and CD's are one of my favorite ways to fill out my wish list. I recently realized I loved The Decemberists, but there has to be more out there.

I also really like locally connected The Hold Steady. However, I'm massively out of touch. Any good suggestions? The Current hasn't been very fruitful lately (and I'm sort of on strike about the whole Morning Show cancelation).

Speaking of the Decemberists, here is my new favorite song, Valerie Plame.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Super secret pumpkin bread recipe

I have always dreamed of hosting big family holiday dinners. Unfortunately my in-laws already have trenched in family traditions (that nearly everyone complains about, but no one changes) and I have a small house, and small family. (though you know, we're working on that, my brother is getting married next year) That doesn't mean that I don't aspire to cook legend worthy meals when I get the chance. Last year it was a beef roulade stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts. Seriously spectacular, if I do say so myself.

For the firmly entrenched family plans at the in-laws I bring one small dish, and all the good ones are taken. You are also required to make the same thing, every year, made exactly the same way. The year I tried to branch out and make a really awesome Brussels sprout dish, the only one who really got into was A's cousin's English husband. While I adore him, I'm not so sure about having my food compared to beloved English food. The track record over there, not so good.

So, my one dish is my pumpkin bread. It is based on the pumpkin bread recipe from the Joy of Cooking. Here are my changes/additions. I'm not going to print the entire recipe here for fear of copyright infringement. I'm sure you can find the cookbook at the library for the details, or you know, contact me.

Replace the 1 1/2 c. all purpose flour with 3/4 c. whole wheat flour (I like a pastry flour, but any is fine) and 3/4 c. all purpose flour

Replace all of the spices with 1/2 to 1 T Chinese Five Spice (I get my from Penzey's who has a number of local stores, and does catalog and internet) powder and a small amount of fresh grated nutmeg. This is the secret part that no one ever figures out. Unless of course they are familiar with 5 spice. Which not nearly so many are in the Midwest.

Reduce the amount of sugar (using the brown sugar variation) to 1/2 cup (that makes it 1/2c packed brown sugar and 1/2 cup sugar) And seriously, use cane sugar. The stuff made from beets just isn't the same.

Unless you like lots of work, use canned pumpkin. I use the big can, and make a double batch. (have to have some to save for home) Watch your cans or you'll end up with the presweetened, preseasoned pumpkin puree. You want the pure stuff which usually is actually sqaush, not pumpkin

To butter/flour the pan use Baker's Joy. That stuff is amazing, and I'm only sorry I didn't discover it until it was in a basket I won at a work event.

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by Butterball. I consider myself a pretty knowledgable cook, but I've actually called their hotline. It so rocks. Raw turkey does not. So pay attention to those thawing instructions and cooking times.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Building a dictionary

I'm always so amazed and when something with M seems to happen quickly. There are days and days that drag on endlessly it seems, then all of sudden she explodes. It happened when she first walked. It happens every two weeks it would seem with her growth. (I am buying 3T shirts for my very tall girl since while 2T fits, I am afraid she'll outgrow them too quickly)

The most recent explosion is her language. She still babbles incoherently most of them time, but she has started to put words together.

"My shit" - My shirt (don't even get me started about her using MY all the time)

"Shoo bus" - School bus (emphasis on the S on bus that she recently started pronouncing)

"Teth baa" - Tess's ball

"Mo Pwease" - More please - she signs both words of as well

Words that she had the first letters of taken care of have ending consonants.

It all seems to have happened overnight. Of course, it was a night of very bad sleep, like most of her big jumps seem to include.

Last night I was at the store buying her more footy PJ's for winter (again with the 3T because the other ones are giving her a wedgie), looking at the little itty bitty ones (not even preemie or newborn, since she never fit in those) and realizing that those were the ones she was wearing less than two years ago. Now she is nearly three feet tall. A year and half from now, she'll be asking questions like "why" and "how". She'll be telling me about her feelings, her dreams, her hopes. She'll even be making memories that she'll remember when she is my age. I wanted so bad for the sleeplessness, the unknown crying (reflux) to all be over with, and now I just want to slow it down, a little.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WW - Hey Mr. Postman

I was going to try and write some great post about how I'm not regretting bringing a child into the world anymore, that I have a lot more hope for people thinking about someone other than themselves, and that McCain's concession speech was so very lovely that I remembered why I did kind of like him 8 years ago.

But it is Wednesday, and I need to shut my trap.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Her first act of rebellion

Today at daycare, M's young toddlers class "voted" on the candidates for president. Most for McCain, one for Obama, three undecided.

I regret to inform you that M voted for McCain. We suspect it was the "grandpa effect".

I may not entirely understand her choice, but we did work on her saying Obama (mostly came out as Bama, but we'll have another discussion about colleges later) on the way home.

I am sure this will not be the first time that we don't entirely agree on politics. (sorry about that time I nearly became a Republican mom)

My daughter's first election

I have voted! It took two hours! It would have been closer to 1-1 1/2 if I hadn't had to register again with my new name. Can I tell you how awesome polling place registration is? I actually think it is more accurate, since they check your info right there at the polling place. Thank you Joan Grow.

M went with me, and was pretty good, but I didn't have water or food for her, since I didn't expect it to take that long. We even showed up early. Unfortunately I couldn't leave the polling place to get stuff from the car either, so that pretty much sucked. We made it though.

I live in North Minneapolis, and our precinct has usually had OK turnout, but it was amazing. Two hours in, based on registered voters, 16% had already voted. That is amazing! The only lines were waiting to register and waiting for a booth. I actually voted at a table with other people since I didn't mind if someone saw who I voted for.

It is a great feeling to know I did everything I could. Now the hard part... waiting on everyone else.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting and some fluff

Today I'm doing my daily post to remind you to vote. There are two things I really love about this country. One is that we have free speech. I may not like everything I hear, but it beats suppression of speech any day. The second is free elections. Something we all need to make sure actually happens. I've heard two different international reactions to our election process over the years. The first is that we don't allow for outside international observers, something that really came into question in 2000.

The other is that we have peaceful elections and a peaceful transition of power. That for all of the things we say and do during an election, that in the end, power is handed over without guns, or weapons of any kind.

That being said, this year has scared the crap out of me. I've done more head in the sand maneuvers than I care to think about. I knew who I wanted to vote for, and I've been trying to ignore what is out there. What I have heard has terrified me just a little. I certainly hope it has just been the adrenaline of the moment, or someone trying to get ratings, and that no one acts in the incitement that has happened should things not go their way. I'm talking about both parties really.

See, I've always thought that leaders should lead by example, and if we want to the respect and following of the rest of the world, we need to show them how it can work, even when we don't always get along.

So, this is my plug for getting out there to vote, and if something goes wrong, if you see something that isn't right, call someone who can do something about. (1-866 OUR VOTE)

Before you go out to vote, make sure you're going to the right place. You can even be a citizen watchdog. Vote, encourage the people around you to vote, make sure your employer knows the laws about letting employees take time off to vote, and oh yeah, VOTE.


And now for the fluff. Tonight I used spinach to bribe my daughter to eat her meatballs and bread. I'm taking that as a sign that all is right with the world, and Wednesday I will wake up to a day with a clear winner, and peace. Lots and lots of peace.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A little fall cleaning.

Both A and I come from families with at least one major pack rat. Sometimes more than one, even in multiple generations. (I'm nearly positive that it is genetic) That means that the tendencies are strong, and we have but one small house, with a single car garage. (detached of course) We fight it, and we are getting better.

After our adventure this weekend, I think our resolve to keep doing something about it has strengthened. Nothing like seeing the packratting at it's worst to make you realize that you really need to work on it yourself. Especially when one of the major reasons for all of the tension was us trying to exert some control over how much new stuff enters our house. If we can't do it ourselves, then how can we hope to reasonably ask anyone else to respect our choices.

So far, not much of it has actually left the house, but we've sorted through M's room, removed the "baby" toys, and gotten rid of any of her clothes that are either too small or out of season. It is a start, but just that, a start. There is still so much to do, and it would be nice to do it before it gets much colder out.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Halloween That Was Not

Well, we managed to make it down to see the in-laws for the big day. It was a success in that it was a surprise. Unfortunately we had failures on multiple counts

One, M had a major blowout either before we got there, or right after. Something she ate (apple cider, oreos?) or her teething cause some major... issues. Right down to her socks. So, there were no trick or treating photos, because she made it to one house, theirs. They hand out pop (to toddlers even) so there wasn't even chocolate to make it better for her parents. I can't even recreate it because I left the whole mess there, and it will be thrown out. (wings and antenae survived and may be recycled)

Another was that it was a happy passive aggressive Minnesota thing... None of the details I should disclose, at least this close to the situation. I'll just say that I have had my fill of family for the time being. Except the ones who actually live in town, those I wish I saw more of.

The rest are nit picky and involve bad beds, horrible sleep, and a toddler who is too tall for a pack and play.

All other details will have to wait, while it may be NaBloPoMo and I felt I should participate, I've also committed to try to find more balance. Crazy, no?