Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big things, big things

A couple of weeks ago at M's conference, her teacher mentioned that she had asked to sit on the potty. * It apparently came as a surprise to her as well. Her room is all under two, and while she sees some older kids use it in the morning for the hour or so that the rooms are mixed before the day starts, we haven't made a very big deal out of the potty.

Then last week here at home she asked to sit on the potty again. I took off her diaper, and held her on the regular toilet, because of course we still haven't bought her a potty. Maybe we should, right?

So during a weekend organizational spree and subsequent visit to Ikea, we picked up a potty. You know, the four dollar no risk variety.

We took it home, we sat on it. That was yesterday.

Today, before bath, we sat on it again...

And peed!!!!

I know, at 18 months most likely a total fluke. I may have trained early, but I'm totally realistic. I resisted the urge to take a picture to show her when she's a teen and being horrible.

It does however bring up another small issue. And by small, I mean small.

Knowing that my tall girl is going to outgrow onesies before the end of winter, and that potty training may be coming eventually, I bought some little 2-3T camisoles when I was at Target. Thinking that they would be the thing to layer under her shirts, you know, tuck into her jeans. Except they would maybe make it to her bellybutton if she was lucky. I suspected this, so I also got some boys undershirts, but they may be a little wide (and of course three inches longer, wtf?). They also seem slightly short.

Where do you find toddler undershirts? Long ones? There are other Minnesotans reading this, so I am hoping that someone has some ideas. Because the poor girl has no fat, she gets cold easily.

* It is one of the itty bitty porcelain potties that is just too cute, and if I ever won the lottery, had lots of kids and a nursery, I would totally put one in.


Jen said...

I don't know! We just bought boy t-shirts too because the camis looked completely useless to me...

yasmara said...

I have 2 boys (in NE Mpls), so I'm not sure about girls... We use sleeveless Hanes from Target (buy in at least 1 size up, though, because they run small), short-sleeved Hanes (again, size up) or cheap Old Navy plan shirts - I layer long sleeves *under* short sleeves to get some more wear out of cute T's that they otherwise couldn't wear this time of year.

darcie said...

I wouldn't discount her interest in the potty chair just yet! Ours was trained just over 2 years old...She would literally get OUT of the bathtub to go pee on the potty chair or toilet (she went back and forth over which was her preference)
We used diapers much longer than we needed to because WE were scared of accidents - but once we just went with it and followed her lead, she surprised us and viola!
The one thing that saved my sanity and our daughters - we'd stop and at least *try* go potty EVERYWHERE we went, ie: at Target, at the Zoo, etc etc.
I really wanted her to know that it was ok to stop what you were doing, go potty and then you could return to what you were doing -
It worked for us!
no point in waiting if your little girl is showing interest now!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Darcie, the interest is the thing to work with.

I also checked on length of t-shirts what length do you need?