Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why the RNC Can Suck It

Because you know, if the hatred of gays, the love of guns, and your shrinking liberties weren't enough...

They had to go and fuck with my commute.

The RNCC is in St. Paul. But everyone else is in Minneapolis, including, if they show, the Prez and the VP.

Right around where I work.

Right around where M goes to daycare.

Where I catch a bus home every night after walking four or so large blocks from daycare with just enough time to spare for my infrequent bus, because I live on the edge of the worst part of town.

Where they shut down every freaking bus stop on that side of town (most of which also serve the poorest parts of town... hrmmm?)

So now I will have to walk 6-8 blocks while they have everything closed, hoping that they don't try to divert foot traffic as well. Hoping that I catch the bus (I'm going to have to leave work early to do it), because the next one isn't for half an hour, and who wants to be stuck down town with a 16 month old.

Could be worse. Law enforcement has taken up in the parking ramp of a friend's company and they randomly close it without warning. Which is great for the people who pay a monthly parking fee for parking there. That's service.

Thanks to fear of people who can't protest peacefully, many of these plans for making my life hell did not come out until late last week, leaving me little time to work out what to do with my boss, or to just plain take the whole week off. Which I really wish I had done.

Thanks, you know, you really won me over with all of this shit. And if you think picking a woman as VP is going to make anything better, think again. Cause seriously? I mean really? Come on.

Sorry for anyone who is shocked, but I'm seriously left. I try to keep it in check, but you just interfered with my ability to make money, and that never sits well with me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breaking Point

My usual way of dealing with stress is to just keep forging forward. Because everything is OK, everything has to be OK. People are counting on me, and I need to just deal with it. Except, it isn't OK. Eventually, little cracks start to show, things start to slip. I start getting paranoid, I start forgetting things, I start having trouble focusing. I usually deny it until the little cracks become a massive festering split.

Sunday, I split. The stress of the tooth (I'll write more about that later, I'm sure), the constant need to be writing, all while doing the day job, keeping the house somewhat cleaned up, and chasing around a toddler who refuses to sit still finally came down in what I can only describe as the worse case of parking lot rage to ever been seen in happy passive aggressive Minnesota. (OK, maybe not the worst, no one was hurt or anything)

I would explain, but I can't, I don't remember half of it. I wasn't me, I wasn't all there, and thank god for nice Target employees and a husband who knew I was crazy before he agreed to marry me.

So, I'm taking a break, because if I don't, they may need to cart me off to the loony bin... again. (yeah, I'll explain that too, Dooce ain't the only one baby) I'll be back after Labor Day, don't forget about me or anything. I'd line up guest posts but umm, I'm not that important... unless you count how important I am in my own head.

I've got all kinds of good stuff on DVR that needs catching up on post Olympics. Eureka!, here I come! See you in a week.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Hugs In Minnesota

Along with growing up on an organic vegetable farm, without running water and electricity, I was also home schooled. It was only for kindergarten. When I was old enough for first grade the school district gave my parents some options for what they would need to do if I continued to be home schooled, and they decided to leave it up to me. Being a pretty social kid, I decided to go to school.

It was about a month into the school year when I started, and I was beyond excited. I still remember being just over the moon about getting to meet all of the other kids, and my teacher, and about learning. I was an early reader, and truth be told, I think I wanted access to more books.

I don't remember much about my first day except one story that still gives me a little funny feeling in my stomach. A kid in my class, Jesse, was crying. I don't remember the reason, but I decided that he needed what I had been taught everyone needed, a hug. I went over to hug him only to be told by Mrs. Fisher that "we don't do that". I was heart broken.

When I moved back to Minnesota, I went to Jesse's wedding. (our moms ended up being very good friends) While we were growing up, he had been one of the kids who had teased me the most. (see what you get for hugging?) However, when we were in high school, we'd talked about all of that, and made our peace. Something he reminded me of when I did the dollar dance.

With all of the concern about good and bad touch in school, I wonder who comforts kids when they cry. M's daycare gives hugs, and she comes from very a very huggy family, so I am sure that it is something that we'll have to deal with eventually. At least we have four more years to worry about it.

This post has been brought to you by the letters PBN, as part of a blog blast sponsored by Hanes. You can enter to win free undies, who doesn't need more undies? (or in our case, undershirts, since um, diapers still)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well frick!

When I was 11 I was in a bike accident. I nearly broke my jaw, skinned my face, and tore my bottom lip off of my gums (sorry). I also broke my two front teeth. As a buck teethed kid, I was kind of excited.

I got temporary crowns that were supposed to be replaced by the time I had my grad pictures done. It was actually root canals, since my teeth had started to die, and composite build ups. Thing was, my parents didn't have insurance, so they paid for everything out of pocket, and were still paying for it when I graduated from high school. They broke off a couple of times, but I had them rebuilt. I never got the crowns.

When I grew up and got a job with real insurance (19) I never had enough income to be able to pay my share of the crowns (1/2 of 2-3k). Finally, after I got engaged, I put enough in my flex account (love that thing) to get them done before my wedding. Our sped up Vegas wedding left just enough time to get it all in, but I had them. They look pretty good, for front teeth crowns on a person with an overbite (I have metal backs to keep my bottom teeth from cracking them).

When I got them put in with the temp glue, one needed permanent glue right away, the other wouldn't come off, but they said that if it did, I could get it glued in then.

Which is great when your dentist is in your building and it is during the work day.

Not so great on a Saturday night.

And my dentist isn't calling back.

And there are no generic emergency clinics in my area.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Haiku Friday: Taste of Summer

peppers zucchini
grilled chicken marinated
balsamic salt herbs

some fresh cracked pepper
little char on the edges
a wonderful taste

there would be pictures
but we at it all up quick
even m loved it

sweet tomato to
end the perfect summer meal
ready for fall though

An amazing farmer's market and garden meal. I really couldn't have asked for anything better. M loves her zucchini, the peppers were red ones that I got from the farmer's market downtown (five bucks for at least 10 huge ones). The chicken turned out moist yet flavorful. Even with all of that, the humidity is getting to me. We came home today to find a circuit blew while we were gone (not sure how yet) and one of the window AC units had been off for most of the day. Not good. We're hoping the storms that we desperately need tonight will help things. Especially since we're heading for M's second State Fair trip on Sunday. Last year we went and enjoyed it a little, but the hour it took me in the lactation station (thank you FM 107), had A kind of annoyed since he had nothing to do while I nursed. This year we're hoping for better, and the weather looks perfect. Pretty sure she's not getting any of the chocolate covered bacon though.

For more Haiku, go see my friend Christina at A Mommy Story. She's made of awesome.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loose Ends

Don't know what the sickness was, but it is essentially gone. Hand, Foot & Mouth maybe, Roseola, more likely possibility. (yesterday she had a small rash by her mouth, but by the end of the day, it was essentially gone) However, she was over whatever it was very quickly. Perhaps the shortened the length of this illness I can attribute to breast feeding. It did nothing for the all of the ear infections, so I wouldn't mind it getting the credit for something.

Apparently all of the internets are watching the Olympics like I am. I haven't been writing much, and people haven't been reading much. I've been busy working all of the sock monkeys that I've given away (including one that went on a brief detour to WV instead of WY) and finishing up the baby blanket for Blog the Recession. If you haven't participated yet, you should. Its a seriously awesome blanket it and it is likely to be the only time I ever give something that big away (unless it is donated by someone else).

Just to get you excited, here is a picture, loose ends and all.

The apparent lull in babies seems to be coming to an end, so it is a good thing I got this done when I did. Next project will no doubt be intended for some new small human. (and no, not me, last one nearly killed us both, more in the work arena)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Mommy Blogger Moment

I try to be a good blogger and I head out and read as much as I have time for, and I comment when I can. It seems to me that nearly every day that I read things there seems to be someone putting someone else down for their choices. Home vs. public vs. private school, working outside, working inside, stay at home mom. Cloth vs. disposable, center daycare vs. home daycare, the list goes on. Frankly, nothing makes me more sick. We have enough issues without hurting each other. I'll be the first to admit that I use my blog to vent, but I try to own my issues as my own. If I have jealousy of stay at home moms, I try to own it in the context of me questioning my own choices (or lack there of). So, just so you know, I'm not putting anyone down or anything for their choices. This is my frustration.

Today, M, the wild 16 month old was sick. Bit of a fever, and she's been acting all "ear infection" despite her tubes. I thought maybe something was up over the weekend, and when she had a fever this morning, I figured our luck had run out. So, seeing as it was my turn (first days of an illness usually are since I'm more comfortable going to the Dr. if needed) I stayed home. Doc says it was most likely nothing, there is a slight chance she has Hand Foot & Mouth since it went around daycare, but that is slim. Prolly just a cold and teething (that never stops apparently). Makes sense, new daycare=new germs. Oh well, day home should be fun. Maybe we'll go do something since fever magically went away.

Yeah, well, naps messed up, dog being brat, no chance to work like I should have during her usual nap that was now all messed up. (bonus though, I took one when she finally went down, damn I needed it) At the end of the day, I was happy to leave to go get dinner (was going to grill until it rained out nowhere). Bottom line:

I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow.

Nothing wears that kid out. We walked, we played chase, we weeded the yard. In an act of desperation I tried to put her in front of the TV with some nice educational TV (I know, but I needed to fix lunch without keeping her from running around the house with six bottles of hot sauce). It didn't work! She cannot be Elmo'd into submission.

Well, at least I got to nap. And I am a little pleased that TV appears to do nothing for her. Though it does drive home that our choice to make sure she avoids sugary things as much as possible was a good one.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blind curves

The following post is a cliche', but it is my cliche' dammit.

Today I got some bad news, someone I knows only child had been killed in an accident. An unfortunate accident caused by a blind curve and some even worse timing. I never know how to act in this cases. All I can manage to come up with is "That fucking sucks". I never know what to write in sympathy cards, especially since I don't pray, being a non believer.

This one especially hit me, since it was a parent, losing a child. I guess there is some cliche' in my reaction, since everyone says you won't know how hard it is until you're a parent. The thing that got to me the most was the blind curve thing. No matter how much you prepare them, no matter how many times you yell about the hot stove, there is always something around the bend. The timing could be off, and disaster could strike. Things are outside of your control.

It is times like this I wonder if being a non believer is such a good idea. Like maybe faith would be an insurance policy for the unknown. If anything every happened, would my reason be enough, or would I need something to explain they why. (sorry, no answer to that one either)

My thoughts and energy go out to the person who lost their child. I wish them peace.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Haiku Friday: Missing

I feel naked this
thing is missing from where there
should be a small ring

I can fit it on
but it is too tight too small
my body still huge

my fingers swollen
my weight where it was before
apendages not

In addition to my feet having grown, so did my fingers. I haven't worn my wedding ring on my finger since while I was pregnant. I tried once after M was born, but managed to get moisture trapped underneath and got the finger equivalent of jungle rot. (not pretty at all)

My weight is essentially where it was before, but my fingers are not. Unfortunately I have a titanium ring, so there is no resizing option availalble. I want to replace it, but whatever money we would have had for that has been given up for gas and food cost jumps. Not to mention, of course, I wouldn't mind an upgrade (and something that can be resized).

Any nice company want to give me a new wedding band? I promise I love you long time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Farmer's Market

I've been trying every week lately to hit the market when it is downtown, or the tiny local one three blocks from my house. My only complaint is that they are on the same day, so at least every other week I have to miss it and end up going to the large one downtown. I have been getting much much better about being regular, and it has resulted in some nice surprises.

The first is that M likes zucchini. My husband swore he hated the stuff until I made it for him the first time I cooked for him. The key I guess is to not overcook. I marinate then grill. Last time I grilled I made some for M and he was upset that he wasn't going to get any, so M had to share. The grill ran out of gas this week, so I improvised with the beautiful baby ones I found today. Pan fried very lightly in a little salt, pepper and olive oil, then toss with fresh herbs and a very small amount of balsamic vinegar before chilling for tomorrow's dinner. M loved the few I let her taste tonight after she devoured the rest of her veggies.

The other is what to do with baby red potatoes other than boiled potatoes with butter and fresh herbs. That one never seems to be as popular with the rest of the house as me. Instead I made a baby red hash of sorts with quartered potatoes, onions, Spam (yes that spam), and fresh herbs. I only use a small amount of Spam, and M only gets the potatoes anyways. I don't add any extra salt since it adds enough. The nice part about this is the potatoes stay firm, but caramelize on the outside a bit. It used to be every time we had Spam (A loves it) I thought of Monty Python. Now I think of Monty Python and City Mama.

I'm waiting for the fall items to figure out what to do with them. (I may never like squash) I'd also like to try to cook the small Japanese eggplants like they do in restaurants, I just haven't been brave enough yet. While I wait for new challenges, I'm using the last of the good cucumbers to make what may be the last batch of refrigerator pickles.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Couldn't she have waited another three weeks

Dear M,

I love you my darling kiddo, even when you scream for an hour after bedtime for no apparent reason. I love you when you feed the dog all of the food I just worked so hard to cook for you. I love you even when you stink that horrible stink that you do, and I must clean up after you. (while attempting to stay conscience after methane poisoning from checking at exactly the wrong moment)

But why, oh why, couldn't you have put off growing oh, say, another three weeks. See, it is summer, the temps are in the 80's, and while it is cooler in the morning, chances are that it is going to be warm for another month or so. Which is why when this morning your t-shirt didn't fit because you've grown so much, that I just figured I would pop on down to Target during lunch and get you a few more t-shirts to tide you over until long sleeve weather.

Except... Target and the rest of the retail world think it is fall already. In fact, they have the cute orange and black Halloween shirts out already. And I seriously couldn't find more than three t-shirts. (and 40 tank tops on sale) I bought all I could find in your size. And I stopped feeling bad that I had purchased ahead earlier this year and dressed you in the too big shirts. Because now it all pays off. Because your growth spurts always happen three weeks before the season change.

I love you little one, and your stinky ass too.


16 months old, and the 2T perfectly fits. I've started buying 3T before her second birthday. (but you can bet in pants I'll still have trouble fitting her waist. God bless the adjustable one)

Wordless Wednesday - My other child

The first born. The neglected. M and her speak to each other in their own secret language, I swear.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We have a winner of the sock monkey.


She's been notified, and here he/she is. Still needs a face, but I wanted to see who won first, since I couldn't do some things if it was going to a baby.
Since the whole win a sock monkey thing was such a huge success (I was giggly giddily over the number of entries), I'm definitely doing it again. Maybe not a sock monkey, maybe a pig or something next time. Either way, I promise it will be good. So, if I was going to make another sock monkey, which socks should I use? I'm kind of thinking the seahorses, but I'm open to suggestions.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

She got the chef's compliments

When M started eating solid food, we started eating out again. We were so excited about being able to take the whole family out to eat, since it had been something that we enjoyed before.

Along the way we've learned what works and what doesn't work to keep her mellow. Surprisingly empty restaurants are a no no (thank you to the hostess who seated us in the empty corner for helping us learn that one the hard way), since she's a social girl and is quiet when getting attention. Bring snacks, food rarely comes as fast as you need it to. Bring veggies when going to a "family" restaurant, since they seem to be the worst for kids meals. When ordering fast food (what, like you've never done it?), your best bet is the hamburger, and bless the people who finally decided to offer something other than French fries (yay apple fries).

And of course, my personal favorite, you will never order anything you really want for yourself ever again. I learned this one last week on my birthday. We decided to put our lessons to good use and go out to (gasp) a fine dining restaurant in the neighborhood. Being a neighborhood joint we knew they had a reputation as being welcoming to kids, but we were a little unsure and we were going to risk it.

M did great. It was earlier on a week day, and it was pretty quiet, but the wait staff did a great job entertaining her. They didn't have a kids menu, but offered buttered noodles, and we were happy to say we didn't need them, she eats veggies. I ordered things with veggies she would eat, and they were kind enough to bring some bread for her to snack on while we waited on the food. While we were eating, the chef came over and complimented her (and us) on her eating. He was happy not to be buttering noodles.

So far, we've managed not have any restaurant meltdowns. We're hoping to keep it that way, so we're planning on regular practice. If we do, we're at least hoping it isn't anywhere we want to eat regularly.

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by Burger King Corp.

Is it wrong I want to go order a kids meal so I can play with the toys?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Haiku Friday: A Monkey Prize

wild or classic it
just takes one pair to transform
footwear to primate

red face stripes argyle
so many choices of style
paralyzed by choice

I go for the wild
the crazy the absurd just
don’t forget the tail

Today's haiku is brought to you by The Great Interview Experiment. I was interviewed by San Diego Momma, who requested an on the spot sock monkey haiku. I couldn't let it go to waste, so there it is. She also asked when I'm giving away another sock monkey, so I thought I would combine the two.

So, here it goes. Leave a comment and you will be entered to win yourself your very own wild sock monkey. I was going to go for a great blue/green argyle, but if you win and have special requests, I'm open to that as well (within reason). Voting ends Monday August 11th, at 10 PM Central Time (aka bedtime). I don't sell the sock monkeys, because I don't have enough time to make enough to sell. I do like giving them away however. If you want to buy one I do have some great suggestions of wonderful artists who do sell theirs, just let me know.

Support Haiku Friday (and the rest of the blogosphere), visit A Mommy Story for more.

Here it is, the socks before the monkey. I'm nowhere near organized enough to actually have it done.
Update: Looking for the winner, see here. (Don't want to look? It was Birdie, comment number 2)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

In unexpected ways

So far today has been nothing less than one little happy surprise after another. Which is good, because I've been in a right nasty funk the last couple of days. Work has been challenging, the munchkin has been living up to her drama queen ways, and maybe just maybe I was getting a little down about my birthday without even noticing it.

Usually I want the people closest to me to you know, make a little bit of a deal out of it. This year, other than some lunchtime shoe shopping, I haven't asked for much. I usually demand at least a birthday card (maybe because as a kid I rarely got them), but this year, I didn't even bring it up. Usually it is a let down anyways.

So imagine my surprise when I got up and went to check my email (as I can't check the blog related stuff at work), and there on my keyboard were three cards. From the dog, the daughter, and the husband. All wonderful.

M behaved well on the trip into work, had fun walking to daycare, and only freaked out a little when I couldn't find a person free to hand her to at daycare. (she walks in the door every day now, which is a huge plus)

When I got to my desk, it was decorated, and there was a card from my coworkers. Complete with a squirrel. (long story and I don't talk about the office) Suffice to say, it was another wonderful warm thing.

My mood is going up. I'm leaving soon for the book signing (see you there?), then it is a vet visit for the dog, and dinner with the family. I'm actually looking forward to the day.

Need a good giggle? Read my Savvy pirate post, has to be one of my favorite ones yet. (right up there with the REM map one)

Check back tomorrow, it is haiku day AND a give away.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another year older

And I'm pretty sure, deeper in debt one way or another.

This Thursday I get a year older. Normally, not worth mentioning, but this year, I'm going to do something on my birthday that I haven't done in years (and no, not the vet visit for the dog I accidentally scheduled before I remember what day it was and now don't want to cancel because how lame of a reason is that, right?).

I'm going to meet an author. Crafty Mama Abby Pecoriello is signing books at noon this Thurday (if you're local) at Crafty Planet. It seemed like a really good reason to skip work and go see some of my favorite people. I also promised a friend that I would make her a pig, so I need to get some fabric.

Last author I met was Anne Rice (I know, how cool is that). Did you know she loves Tab. I worry about her health.

Seriously though if you're in the area, and you haven't ever been to Crafty Planet, and you are even a little bit crafty, you should go. Trish and Matt are the best. I have never felt so welcomed at a store, and their selection of fabric makes makes me happy every time I see it. Also, if you haven't been to their new location on Johnson, make the trek.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Maybe I missed the point?

So, post Blogher, the great Mocha wrote a wonderful post (like all of them, I know, stalker much?) that made a little fun of how some very blind people couldn't tell her from Heather B from Karen, etc. Something I really don't get, since to me they all look so very different. However, being the freak that I am, this is what I got out of it.

Macy's has a special section where they keep all of the shoes for the drag queens and me! Must buy shoes!

I was going out on a limb about that whole every Macy's thing, but I figured it was worth a shot. I know Nordstroms has special big feet events at The Rack, but there is a Macy's downtown. Like, lunch shopping, not go to the gigantic freak mall shopping.

You think I may kid about my feet, but umm... pregnancy, sucks for my feet. If they grow again if I have another, I'm going to be wearing work boots everywhere.

Yeah, so back to the shoes. Dave, bless his cute little flamboyant heart, looked past the lack of a pedi and helped me find these. I would have kissed him if I hadn't known he would have gotten absolutely nothing from it. Fabulous indeed.
Yeah, it gets better. Checking out the Nine West site... they go up to a 12. So I may actually be able to wear a pair of heels again. A will be so happy!

The Great Interview Experiement

Since I am the world's greatest sucker for a Canadian (long story) I jumped all over Neil Kramer’sGreat Interview Experiment” when Backpacking Dad brought up that he had signed up for it. When it comes to some things, I so love to be a follower. I was interviewed by Deb of San Diego Momma (if you really want to know more about me, go see), and I got the great pleasure of interviewing Amy of Doobleh-Vay (her blog name totally brings me right back to German class and Frau Winkles).

Your profile photo is very beatnik looking. Are you always that moody and cool?

Oh I think I would like to look moody and cool! I love the Beat era though! I think I kinda went through a beat stage in College. I wanted to go live in Boulder and go to the The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. I went off to live in Greece instead. If I were to be able to dress and look presentable each day it would be rad to look beat!

Your profile on Kirsty says you like radishes. What kinds? Red? Daikon? Horseradish?

I like them all. I eat them for snacks. I love veggies very much. I should be thin.

Speaking of Kirsty, what does an editor at Kirtsy do?

We scour the internet for cool and interesting links/blogs/sites and place them up on kirtsy for all the coolest to come and enjoy! It is really fun to find the best of the web and share! The women there are amazing and I have met wonderful pals.

Who did you add to your blogroll after BlogHer this year?

I am still working on it man...Many. I left with a stack of cards and a large heart.

What is your favorite kind of wood? Seriously, my dad was a carpenter, and between him and the rest of the family, I've found that everyone has a favorite if they have any exposure.
I love Maple. We make a lot of our products out of it at
I also love scrap pine though bc when my husband and I were young and poor ten years ago- (nothing but the youth has changed) he would dig out scrap pine from the dumpster of a boss and make me mission style pieces for our tiny apartment. We have the coffee table still that was our first furniture and I love it as worn and old as it is. It holds history.

What crafty pursuit do you go to, other than writing, when you need to unwind?

I love to use sharpies and make crazy giant wall hangings for my house. I write tiny little words all over the piece or lyrics to cheesy old songs. I like to do this while I watch TV. I also love to paint and sew a bit.

Anything I should have asked that you're dying to tell someone?

I don't collect anything and this is odd bc my parents are hoarders and antique collectors and vintage Coca Cola and Texaco collectors. I don't collect anything and it kinda bums me out. Any suggestions?

Not yarn or fabric, because they will take over your life. Not that I would know personally or anything. I don't really collect anything specifically because I come from a long line of packrats and I don't want to go there. I did however become the keeper of the family photos (which I think is a good thing to collect), but I think that is just because I am the responsible one. Now I'm off to go stalk your etsy shop until I have another baby to buy something for.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Generous is as generous does

I struggle on a daily basis with the priorities of my life. I live comfortably in the middle class (most likely on the lower end, but who isn't these days). Bottom line, I have more than enough.

However, I didn't grow up like that, and I feel comfortable saying that I don't take it for granted. A number of the choices I've made in my adult life, good or bad, are a direct result of the situations around my growing up. While I always had enough, I know that it seeming like that was hard work for my parents. That they made sacrifices. They also made sure that when we had more than enough, we shared. When we didn't, we gave of our time. I was a regular volunteer at a number of events for as long as I can remember.

As an adult, I've tried to continue that. I donate when I can, I volunteer when I have time, and I even make time to do it. I'm fortunate to work for a company that takes community involvement very seriously and supports and encourages my generosity. I am lucky in so many ways.

When I became a parent, I thought long and hard about how to make sure I pass that on to my daughter. I've seen the other side, the people who think only of themselves or who volunteer and contribute, but never passed on those values to their kids. I know what I want to pass on to M. She is still a little young, since she's just starting to learn how to give you something when you ask for it, let alone share at will, but I have a plan.

We will do things to help others together. She will help make choices about what we do as a family to support our community. To help teach some good money management skills, as well as philanthropy, a portion of gifts she receives/allowances, will be donated where she chooses. Toys that we cull from her room (since I'm also trying to lead a less cluttered life), will be donated by her directly.

When she's older, hopefully she will do this and more without prompting.

In the mean time, we're working on sharing our toys, giving hugs, and this holiday season, I'll start making donations in her name. (she got her share of the stimulus to start her savings account) We're going to do our best to get off on the right foot because it is a long journey ahead.

This post has been brought to you by the letters PBN, since the Parent Blogger's Network is partnering with Generations Cures, and brought the whole darn thing to my attention. They're also running a very cool contest to get the word out, see their site for how to participate.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Because Every Little Bit Counts

I met Aaron when I was 13, maybe 14 (late summer birthday). I spent that summer doing a summer theater program in Columbus, Ohio with my dad's cousin Lisa. It was good. I was a holy terror, and I'd like to think that even though I drove the poor woman crazy, it was good for all of us. (I kind of wonder how she's doing now that she is the mom to a teen... hehe) Anyways, Aaron was working at a day camp in the same space. I thought he was awfully cute. We hung out at our cast party, and I got my second kiss ever from him. I had a week left in town, and my cousin, being the absolutely cool woman that she was, invited him to the concert she was taking me to. My end of vacation treat. Paul Simon. I don't remember much other than kissing him in the back row, and hickies. I flew home the next day with a single polaroid of him, his address, and phone number. We "dated" for a couple of months, writing and using my 1 hour of phone time a month. Not sure who broke up with who, but it doesn't matter. He was my best friend after that.

We called each other as often as we could. Usually in a crisis. I called him when my heart was broken, he called me when his mom died. I'm pretty sure he saved my life at least once. Email made contact better, and worse. We've gone too long without talking at times, but have seen each other a couple of times. The last time I saw him face to face was 2001. I was laid off and he had just gotten engaged. I had to meet her, so I flew out. I really liked her, and I told him if he screwed it up... well bad stuff would happen. I was done with dating, he told me to keep trying. He got married and I couldn't make it, I met A, got married myself. They had Cordy, we had M, they had Mira a month later.

I started blogging, and reading Christina's blog. We're back to keeping up regularly. Christina has been amazing. She's taught me the ropes of this whole blogging thing. She's helped me find great opportunities. Makes we wish that we all lived closer to each other. Especially cause it's been a sucky few months for them. And for a lot of the Internet peeps. Which is why that is a long story to get to a point.

Bloggers make money off of page views, and ads that are clicked through, and when you read them in a reader, while they adore any attention (we're all just asking to be loved), they don't get paid for reader views. Even if they're just blogging to get money for a new pair of shoes. So if you like them, click through the reader, leave a comment, click on an ad. Blog through the recession. It is all Kristen's idea, and I'm getting on board, with my little blog, because when I was 14 I made out at a Paul Simon concert and it changed my life for the better.

Haiku Friday: A Post In Two Parts

Part 1:

silence shut it off

will leave the leash in the bag

sweet quiet is mine

I've been on call for the day job this past week. Not a bad one, but enough. I'm happily leaving the crackberry in my bag when I get home, and not even bringing home the laptop. Woo Hoo!

Part 2:

the hummidity is

gonna kill me if the heat

doesn't do it first

may have to suck it

get a swim suit that fits me

and hide in a lake

minimum I will

give my weeds some love grass too

sprinkler running whee!

We had a mild spring. It was nice, I was in heaven. I love snow, I miss snow, it is freaking hot. We'd go to the pool and have some fun with M if we weren't so paranoid about her getting water in her ears (she has had tubes since May). We'll most likely get the sprinkler out and have some fun in the back yard, but he heat hasn't been good to my already struggling yard. It is mostly weeds, and some tomatoes (that are finally ripening).

How do you stay cool? Because I am melting.