Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another year older

And I'm pretty sure, deeper in debt one way or another.

This Thursday I get a year older. Normally, not worth mentioning, but this year, I'm going to do something on my birthday that I haven't done in years (and no, not the vet visit for the dog I accidentally scheduled before I remember what day it was and now don't want to cancel because how lame of a reason is that, right?).

I'm going to meet an author. Crafty Mama Abby Pecoriello is signing books at noon this Thurday (if you're local) at Crafty Planet. It seemed like a really good reason to skip work and go see some of my favorite people. I also promised a friend that I would make her a pig, so I need to get some fabric.

Last author I met was Anne Rice (I know, how cool is that). Did you know she loves Tab. I worry about her health.

Seriously though if you're in the area, and you haven't ever been to Crafty Planet, and you are even a little bit crafty, you should go. Trish and Matt are the best. I have never felt so welcomed at a store, and their selection of fabric makes makes me happy every time I see it. Also, if you haven't been to their new location on Johnson, make the trek.


RookieMom Whitney said...

That's really great, Amelia. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. I talked to Abby a couple times last year and I know her book was totally a labor of love and that she spent more money on supplies to nail down the project instructions than she made on the book. (And I worry that if we (The Rookie Moms) have book events, no one will show up. We have one coming up in San Jose... wish us luck!)

Mojo said...

Happy Birthday (in advance I guess). With the temperature here pushing the 100-degree mark for the third or fourth day in a row, I'd go for a trip to Minnesota for just about any reason. If it weren't for those pesky things like work. Oh, and an incredible shortness of funds... *sigh* Guess I'll suck it up for another day.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! Mine was just 2 weeks ago. I'm intrigued about these pigs you mention.

Thanks for the comment on my post!

Marketing Mama said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog - I appreciate it! I just added you to my reader. :)


Christina said...

Happy (belated) birthday!