Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are incredibly lucky parents, because M is a great kid. I know we've had some part in that, but really, part of it has to be luck that she is generally an easy going and easy to please munchkin.

Even if No is the new black.

The only problem we're having is sleep. Due to a variety of reasons, M has coslept from the beginning. She has been sick a bunch (less due to tubes) and thanks to her reflux, could at one point puke in her sleep. So she slept with us, or more specifically, me, on my side of the bed, so I couldn't move in my sleep (I'm a tosser normally). For awhile, we had gotten to a point where she could sleep mostly on her own, then join me from around 4 AM on. Sometimes she would sleep entirely on her own, even if it was in the pack & play in our room.

Now she's awake and wanting me around midnight. Not nearly enough time for me. I'm losing sleep, I'm stiff and sore, and I'm cranky. Mostly because I don't know how to solve this.

With her initial go to sleep, we have a good thing. She falls asleep on her own barring schedule changes or illness. She used to fall asleep nursing, and when she wouldn't sleep with that or anything else, we did a modified CIO (which I never thought I would do) where we went in every few minutes to give her a hug & re tuck her in. Eventually stretching it out to longer and longer times. Most nights now, she falls asleep on her own quickly, sometimes it takes longer but she just talks to her toys.

The other thing is, she uses a Nuk. She has at least one spare in her crib, so she usually can find one if she needs it. We know we need to wean off of that too, but one thing at a time.

So, any ideas? We are thinking we need to do a modified version of CIO in the middle of the night as well. Which means we really really lose sleep for this to happen. A can help on weekends, but he's useless to me during the week since apparently the ability to lose sleep and still function comes with my lack of a y chromosome.

We did kind of try to do this last night, but I caved pretty early because well, duh, I needed to work today. This morning, she wanted her dad, not me. Apparently, it is already all my fault.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Not that you care, but...

My favorite Indian restaurant is closing. Bombay 2 Deli in Northeast is closing. I haven't gone enough, I haven't eaten enough. I feel so bad about that. (though the owner swears it isn't for lack of business, it is more about the time they've had to put in and wanting to change their hours)

However, it is not all bad. After a few months off, they are opening downtown. Not that far away from where I work. I hear this upcoming Wednesday is their last day, so get your fix in fast. But come January they will be in the neighborhood of Kierans downtown. So close to me, I may eat there every day. Mmm... samosa chaat.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Naked Baby On The Loose!

Since M started really enjoying her bath, and getting especially squirmy, we've been letting her go from the bathroom, holding her adorable hooded towel off the floor, to her dad in the living room to get dried off. (it is so cute)

Except tonight, she took a detour. She went to the corner by the front door. The corner that the dog poops in if she's mad at us. She dropped her towel, ran a little, peed very little, and before I could get her, ran into the kitchen and peed more. A lot more. Good thing her bath hadn't emptied yet.

While nearly all of this was happening, A sat on the couch laughing. See, I stay in the bathroom to start cleaning up after her bath while he starts drying, so I didn't see her run to the corner and get naked.

I guess we need to figure out a new routine.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, there is just something about that corner. The dog will leave her pissed off presents there, and I think more than once I've seen M go there to make a mess of a diaper. No idea, maybe there is something they can smell...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just what sound does a zebra make?

One of my favorite programs growing up was A Prairie Home Companion. We didn't have electricity, so my TV watching was limited, but my imagination grew with the radio show. My favorite parts were the ones that involved human sound effect man Tom Keith. He could make any noise you could think of. More recently they've added Fred Newman (who you may know from Between the Lions) I always wanted to be as good as them, but I never will.

However, M seems to be on her way. While she isn't talking that much yet, her repertoire of animal noises is increasing daily. She has monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, horses, chickens, cows, turkeys (thanks to our run in with a flock of tame wild ones at the orchard today), snakes, and is working on mastering the lips for her first one, fish. Her obvious love of animals and noises that they make has created a bit of an issue, since A and I are running out of animals we know the noises for. Which is why the reason for the question above, just what sound does a zebra make? I watched a lot of Nature and Wild Kingdom when I was a kid, and I can't figure it out.

I bet Tom or Fred would know. I wonder if they offer preschooler internships on the show. She does a mean chicken. (bock, bock, bock)

This weekend Parent Bloggers Network is partnering with Generation Next and their iKnow Animals, Letters and Sounds toy to do a blog blast. (partnering with the awesome San Diego Zoo) The topic - I Live in a Zoo - While mine may not be one yet, it certainly sounds like one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Is anything safe?

At M's first set of shots, they gave me a small bottle of Tylenol and said to make it easier on her to give it to her before her shots. I knew I was planning on doing this at home, so I did it.

Over the course of the next nearly 18 months, she's gotten that stuff more times that I can count. Especially with all of the ear infections (I think we had like 6 in 8 months), reactions to shots (she didn't react well), and just the general issues with being a kid in daycare. The endless number of bottles of grape flavored goo we've gone through...

When she was old enough for it, we did switch to ibuprofen, but she still got acetaminophen at times. After all, we were told that if she got a high fever, to keep it down. If she was teething, give her something. While I'm not a fan of over medicating, I also know that manging pain is one of those things that is also important.

So when this little gem hit my email, I kind of freaked. A has allergy induced asthma, my brother has asthma, and I most likely have a touch of it too. Oh yeah, and at our last check of her ears because of extra snot/eye crud, our Dr. brought up that she thought she had allergies. We started her on Claritin because its been a heck of a fall for those, and she was not sleeping much at all. Has our choices about daycare/managing her pain meant that she'll deal with the issues her dad and I do? Why hasn't this been studied before? It isn't like that stuff hasn't been around for years.

We've stopped use the use of it for now. Ibuprofen seems to be better on her fevers anyway, and it last longer, so if given at night, we get more sleep overall. I'm sure we'll find out it made her extra bitchy as a teenager when she's 16 or something, but I still can't stand to see my baby in pain.

Haiku Friday: Ode to a stuffed up nose

a freight train running
through my sinuses like a
shaken soda can

ready to blow up
if only it would leave me
from this misery

I sound like Elmer
You know, Elmer Fudd stop it
quit laughing you're next

I'm a very whiney sick person. Especially when I know this won't be over soon, I'm never that lucky. I swear, non fluffy posts coming soon, I'm just trying to clear my head a little. (haha)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So much for my sick day...

I've been fighting what I thought were allergies since we returned from vacation, but Tuesday it became clear it is a cold. A nice present from my trip and the lack of sleep on it.

So today I finally gave in and realized that I stood a better chance of recovering if I stayed home and rested. Initially I thought about keeping M home with me, so we could bond, since she's been seeming a little under the weather too. Within half an hour, I packed her up for daycare. I love the little stinker, but she has too much energy.

After I dropped her off I came home, made a list, and went to the store. I suffer from this other sickness where I can't take a day off without doing something, so I decided to cook some stuff that it hard and too time consuming to do with all of the family around. It didn't quite go as planned when I crashed for three hours on the couch. However, I think I'm on my way to some rocking charra beans. I am not sure quite how they will turn out, but I think after like six hours, they're showing potential. Which is good, because it would have been an unfortunate loss of 12 ounces of bacon.

Still giving away a Wish Come True over at Savvy Source. (email my Savvy email address, or the one on my profile here) Seriously, they're cute and very fun. M loves hers, and Amy at Kiddywampus has generously donated it to be given away.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WW - The Bean

You know, the cheesy Chicago tourist shot.

Pssst. I've got a fun little give away at Savvy Source. Check it out.

More WW at www.wordlesswednesday.com

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vacation Part 4: Eating Out

I knew going into vacation that eating out would be one of the hardest things for us to do. I've seen kids menus, and I know what kind of looks you get with a toddler. To make things at least a little bit easier, I packed a selection of fruit/veggie snacks, some yogurt, and string cheese. I had a cooler on the train, and a fridge in our room. One of the main issues I have with kids menus is their lack of vegetables and fruit, so the fruit I packed was pears in individual cups. I figured it could help keep M more regular. Unfortunately they only come packed in light syrup, unlike the cans which you can get packed in juice.

Breakfast was easy, since M would eat some fruit, some eggs and toast. Lunch was much harder. As always, kids menus have nothing but fried food. I ordered extra sides of veggies when I could, and hoarded her fries for myself. I also got out the pears.

Dinner was the more of the same with one amazing and wonderful exception.

When A and I first started dating, he impressed me with the fact that he had cooked something out of a Rick Bayless cookbook. It was even vegetarian, something I was at the time. He really hasn't cooked more than toast or grilled cheese since then, but it set up our third date when I made homemade tortillas for him. Our mutual love of Mexican food has continued since then. Because of this, we knew when we finally made it to Chicago that we wanted to go to Fronterra Grill or one of the other Rick Bayless restaurants. As far as celebrity chefs go, he annoys me the least and impresses me the most. As the kid of organic farmers, his commitment to local product means a lot.

However, it is fine dining, and fine dining and toddlers don't always mix. Fortunately, Fronterra Grill is a casual environment. Reservations not required, jeans not looked down on. We timed our schedule so that we were there when it opened for dinner on Tuesday, and got immediately seated outside. Something that I think is good with a kid. The invevitable noise is less noticeable. (and fortunately that crowd doesn't seems to smoke at all) Our food was in my top all time food experiences, including when I lived in NYC and ate at nice places regularly. (and Fronterra so tops Bobby Flays food, no question)

However, their kids menu and treatment of M was what had me the most impressed. Nowhere on their kids menu was there anything that was dumbed down, there were only smaller (and affordable) portions of the adult menu. That included a salad. (wow!) We went with a quesadilla, but a Mexico City style one, since we know M loves cheese. It was a corn masa turnover type thing, that was easily gobbled down. She also mastered the use of a spoon and ate her whole bowl of charra beans. (pintos simmered with bacon and spices) We were able to order early to get her food in, they gave us crayons, and the staff talked to her. That included staff from his high end restaurant next door. M, for her part, behaved well, only having a little issue as the meal was ending. My only request would be that they have an alcohol free dessert option, since M was left out of that experience. Even if it was just fruit or ice cream.

I know that when we go back, since I still need to see the sea otters, that we will return. Just to show my appreciation, I've sent an email off to the chef, and we made sure to leave a large tip.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vacation - Part 3: Fish and other stuff

When we picked Chicago for our trip, we knew that we wanted to see a few things for sure, a few other things could wait until M was older. Top of the list was the Shedd Aquarium. M loves fish, smacking her lips was one of her first animal noises. She gets excited at the doctor's office because of the fish tanks. The other thing I wanted to see was the Art Institute. Unfortunately most of the impressionist exhibit is on loan to a museum in Texas while they renovate. We knew that M isn't ready for fine art quite yet, so we figured that could wait, we still had the aquarium.

Except... two weeks ago they closed the part I wanted to see for renovations until next summer. You know, the part with the sea otters, my favorite animal obsession. Not to mention, the dolphins, the whales (beluga), and the penguins. Hello let down.

So, we still saw all of the fish at the aquarium. I think she may have even gone into a bit of a fish overload. After a quick lunch at the aquarium, we took a tour bus to get back to the hotel to drop off a few things. The tour bus allowed us to let M get a nap in, and she went to sleep easier. If we had gone back to the hotel it would have been us fighting her to sleep, and then doing nothing while she slept. By being a little more flexible on the sleep thing, we didn't feel like we lost half the day. Since M wasn't sleeping well anyways, it worked out about the same. She was going to come home very tired no matter what.

After our quick hotel stop, we took the L to the Lincoln Park Zoo (something I wouldn't recommend, the bus is way faster/closer)

The zoo was nice. They have a good balance between the classic zoo with animals in small cages, and some actual habitat for them. (similar to the Como Zoo) Like many zoos I am sure they struggle with allowing people to see animals, and not making things worse for the animals. The monkeys were a hit, and the apes were mostly scary. One of the female chimps freaked out on one of the others (love triangle maybe), and it freaked M out. The only other issue was that we were there close to closing time, and it seemed a lot of animals were off exhibit for feeding. Something it would have been nice if they could have held off on for another half an hour.

Even though I won't show M's face, that doesn't prevent me from showing videos. It is of her and her new friend from the Amazon section of the Shedd. It was by far her favorite, since there were lots of fish the same size or bigger than her.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vacation - Part 2: Well, that day was a bust.

I'll admit it, we had no idea what we were getting in to. Day one proved it. After getting in a little late on Sunday, and a completely disappointing dinner at the hotel restaurant, we fought to get M to sleep, then all slept horribly in a horrible bed with even more horrible pillows.

We got up Monday, fought over where to go to breakfast (too many choices), decided on a bad choice, and made our way (walking a long walk) to the Chicago Children's Museum.

Side note to museum: With toddlers/babies, opening at 10 AM (yes I know that is when Navy Pier opens) and closing at 5 PM, leaves little time for toddlers who nap after lunch. Especially since while you are at major tourist destination, getting to/from for tourists isn't especially easy. 9 AM would be MUCH better.

We loved it, and since we have yet to go to the Minnesota Children's Museum (damn RNC), we were looking forward to it. It didn't disappoint, but the late opening time made it hard for us to figure out a plan. We only saw half of it, but we ended on a high note. The Waterways exhibit. I've learned when out and about to pack an extra set of clothes, and they came in handy. The staff noted we seemed like old pros since usually members are the only ones who know to bring a change of dry stuff. The only thing I would have done was brought M's Crocs since her nice leather shoes got mighty wet and we went back to the hotel barefoot. If you do get stuck all wet however, they have a dryer and will dry your clothes for you.

After a trip back to our hotel, a fight to nap, and an adventure to find a place to get deep dish, we crashed having felt like we should have done more. So we tried something different for day two.

My dear, you were never small

Now that M is fastly approaching the three feet mark, something that she will most likely hit before she turns two, I hold her and remember when she was small. Well, smaller, she was never small. Not in that six pound new baby way.

Despite having high blood pressure for the last part of my pregnancy, that ultimately developed in to pre-eclampsyia, M was nearly 8 pounds when she was born. Three weeks early. Pre-E and just plain hypertension usually cause small babies, if only I were so lucky. She was 7 pounds 14 ounces, and somewhere around 21-22 inches long. Not to mention, the girl got stuck.

However, she was smaller than she is now. While attempting to get her to nap while on our recent vacation, I cuddled her in that way I did when she was little. Her head under my chin, knees curled up under her, except this time she didn't really fit. I love that in this last week she found her free will (in the form of a "no"), and that she is trying so hard to communicate. I love that she is becoming a full person. I miss that ball of baby, that snuggly thing that would only sleep on my chest (thank you reflux, the one souvenir of her early arrival). The reflux was hard (it still is) but I knew I had to go back to work, so I snuggled her, slept with her, just held my ball o' baby as much as I could. It was worth it, and despite what some said, she sleeps just fine on her own. (except when she's teething) It is missing that makes me sometime think I am willing to risk my health for another one. Or maybe I'll just steal the next new one that comes along for a bit. Everyone likes a babysitter, right?

Why all of the fun remembering, well, two awesome famous bloggers are about to have more material to write about, I mean babies. So these other awesome bloggers (some who have said nice things to me and made me blush), threw them a shower, and there are prizes, and who doesn't love prizes. (You can get in on it too) Not to mention, I need to write down this stuff...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vacation - Part 1: The Train

When I was around three, my parents took the train to Chicago. I remember is fondly. So fondly that I continued to enjoy taking the train every chance I got, from Europe, to DC & NYC, from the high speed train from Geneva to Paris to the commuter rail in Jersey. So I was super excited about our trip. We got a roomette, something that was new for me, since we thought it would be good to contain M if needed. Here are the pro's/con's/things I've learned.

Pro's -
  • Sleeper cars come with all meals included in the dining car, round trip, three free meals, including the kid who was free for the trip
  • Dinner in the diner car is pretty good, we had steak and a good dessert.
  • The sleeper berths are long enough for A to lay down on them.
  • The train is contained, and does allow for some walking around
  • There are cows out the train windows, cows go mmmooo!
  • There is also lots of water out the windows, and we love the water
  • After struggling to fall asleep on the train, toddlers love the rocking motion
  • Have I mentioned the amazing views?
  • It sure beats what I am sure would have been a 12 hour trip by car (have to stop to run around some)
  • My friend's suggestions about small wrapped gifts was a life saver.
Con's -
  • The sleeper berths are not wide enough for A to move if he is laying down
  • The food is just OK for breakfast/lunch
  • The train is not good for steady walking, and when you're already unsteady, it can be hard.
  • The train is contained, you're stuck
  • The train is party central for old people who drink too much and talk loudly when your toddler is sleeping
  • The old men need to sit when they pee, cause their aim sucks
  • Flushing is NOT optional in shared space (at home I try to conserve water and not flush every time)
  • After three days on the tracks, all of the above lack of aim gets a little nasty on the floor
Just Stuff -
  • The train can be affordable if booking early. Family/Deluxe rooms fill first, and are harder to get. A roomette is good for two adults (shorter is better) and a toddler, but maybe only for naps, overnights would have been hard.
  • We will take the train again. When M is older and can sit still some more. By then we won't fit in a roomette, so we will either do coach, or hopefully be able to afford a larger room.
  • The tall Dennis who works the Empire Builder is totally cool and fun. (though M was scared of him) the other older Dennis is kind of a pill.
  • Union Station in DC is still my favorite train station (Grand Central in NYC is second). Chicago isn't comparable.


We're home, safe and sound. Trip was what we expected, and not at all what we expected, all at once. I learned some valuable lessons for traveling with a (my) toddler. I've got a million post ideas about that for here and Savvy Source, but I need to actually do some work today (yeah, ugh, should have been time off...) Not to mention my yard seems to have grown into a jungle.

However, I will start with this, that I almost logged in and posted when we got there.

M's been getting a new word/animal sound every few days lately, mostly animal sounds. The morning that we left, she used a new word.


She'll use a new word appropriately a few times, then not for a couple of days, and then use it regularly after that. Which means that she was using it regularly by the time our last day rolled around when we were all short on sleep and way over stimulated. Umm.. yeah. Too bad champagne gives me a headache (which I already had) or I would have been drinking all of the free stuff I could get my hands on.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Haiku Friday: Monkey Socks (not sock monkeys)

tell me what sound does

a monkey make ooo ahh ahh

ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh

show me monkey toes

little socks with monkeys on

the toes and the back

can't find larger pair

too adorable to not have

oh what will I do

Last spring I found an adorable pair of cute little monkey slipper socks at Target. Then it got warm, and we forgot about them. I found them again this fall, and M has already perfected her monkey noise, and she stares at her feet and makes monkey noises every time she wears them. But they are small, and won't fit her through the winter. We've been searching for other similar slippers with no luck. They must have been fleeting seasonal items. I'm hoping the upcoming holiday season means that I can find a replacement for when these no longer fit, but I'm getting discouraged.

As for animal noises, we've added monkey, cow, I think a duck, sometimes sheep, and a growl/roar for bears/lions/tigers that comes out like her saying "Owwww". I want to capture as much of this as I can, so I don't forget how cute it is. I think I may need it when she's a teenager.

For more awesome haiku, go see Christina over at A Mommy Story

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let the vacation prep continue...

Still focused on trying to get ready for vacation here. Including tying up loose ends at work. Having a moderately pointless class (they all seem to be pitches for their books) today didn't help matters much. However, I was able to clear up some Target shopping. Got M a harness thinking we could use that for our trip. However, the monkey scares the crap out of her. Oh well, we try again later. Guess we'll have to just let her run wild.

I have made my lists, and started piling clothing to be packed, while trying to figure out just what food to bring with for the train and subsequent days. Have to make sure we have healthy snack options.

I may get a post ready to to auto post while I am gone (parking lot rage anyone?), but if I don't, I'll be back next Thursday. However, one last post tomorrow for Haiku Friday. If you haven't already seen Haiku Friday, head over to A Mommy Story tomorrow to check it out. Definitely worth it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

There's three grand in my mouth.

Before I write about my nervous breakdown in a Target parking lot, I figured I should write about my tooth drama.

To write about my tooth drama, I should write about my first dentist. So, here is goes.

My first dentist was a crazy old many with horrible breath. His name was Dr. Stanley, I think. He was my dad's dentist. My dad's crazy, and he like this guy, that should have been the first sign of trouble. His solution to my buck teeth was for me to spend time every day pushing them back in place. The way he showed me what the drill did was to drill a little hole in my finger. He also didn't know what laughing gas was. The first time I saw a pediatric dentist, I'm pretty sure that I skipped and swore up and down that I would be good if I could go back there.

When I was 11, I was in a bike accident. The short story is that I hit the ground with my face and slid. I was out of town at my aunt's graduation from college, and had to go to the local ER where I waited for hours for the local oral surgeon to show up and sew my bottom lip back on. I also broke off most of my front teeth. (bye bye buck teeth) The consensus was that I was lucky to escape without a broken jaw or wrists (I did try to stop myself) They sealed my teeth because I had exposed nerves, and sent me home with major pain killers.

At home I went back to school, two weeks before it let out, and then spent my summer out of the sun, trying to keep the scar that was my face from discoloring. I was so proud I could talk without moving my lips (immobilized), and that I got to eat refried beans and milk shakes, that I honestly don't remember being teased much, but I know I was. My teacher suggested that I not be in school for fear of scaring the other students with my hideousness (I am sure she spun it as being for my own good, but she was a bitch so I know better).

Over the course of the summer the soft tissue issues healed (I still have to explain why my bottom lip looks funny to any dentist/hygienist who sees me), and I had many dentist appointments. First to do root canals after my teeth started to die, and then to rebuild them with composite. Crowns would be done before graduation, since my mouth wasn't done growing.

Other than the composite teeth (one slightly discolored to match the tooth that got the root canal too late), the only other visible scar I had was a bluish mark on my upper lip from lacerations that healed oddly. Those scars have since healed, but it took me 16 years to get the crowns. My parents could never afford them, and I finally saved up enough before I got married. I had the composite build ups break off a few times and get rebuilt, even better than before.

I know that the visible scars that stayed (the teeth and upper lip) had an effect on me. I know that kids teased me, even if I can't remember the specifics. I never thought that they would stay with me this much. I thought I was over it. Until two weeks ago, I was sure that I was.

The prospect of having to spend any time publicly without a front tooth, especially with a discolored stub of remaining tooth, left me a mess. Especially when it looked like the recementing measures taken (the next to last step before major surgery for an implant) would not actually work and I would be left with issues before vacation. I have had multiple panic attack/break downs. Of course, there is other stress in my life, but this seems to be the major trigger. The thing that had made it hard to keep my shit together.

So, before I write about the parking lot drama, just know, my shit, so not together.

*I went in today to have them look at it again, and it was determined it is very solidly in place, I just needed some adjustments since it doesn't fit as well as it once did. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. We shall see. Chicago dogs, here I come.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This used to be a snack free zone.

As someone who has battled her weight all of her adult life, I have learned that snacks are my downfall. So, much to my husband's chagrin, we don't really have many snacks in the house.

Except, toddlers need snacks. If you don't feed them regularly, you get the monster toddler instead. So, we've had to start stocking up on the snacks again. Here is a list of the snacks in the house. I'm taking suggestions for other toddler friendly ones since I'm feeling uninspired.

Cheese - Ok, so I never quit having cheese in the house, now there is just more. M won't drink milk, so the lucky girl gets cheese with most meals.

Whole Grain Goldfish - I realize whole grain doesn't mean unprocessed, but since the all natural alternatives are also as hard as can be, this was a compromise.

Barbara's Organic O's

Annie's Organic Bunny Love - a very lightly sweet answer to O's type cereals, pretty tasty

Raisins - We're having issue with these cause they're poisonous to the dog

Whole grain breakfast/snack bars - I found a few varieties at the coop that are lower sugar than the mainstream ones.

Husband is pretty happy, since some of these he likes too. However, I still feel like I'm missing something. Maybe I can see if I can find these locally.

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as an entry for a contest sponsored by Brothers-All-Natural. If you write a post by well, today, you can be entered to win 250 bucks in groceries, and you know, that is a lot of snacks.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Now for something completely different...

I did say this was a mom blog, right?

All of a sudden, it got cold, just when M's shorts all started getting a bit snug. So, that means shopping, getting stuff out of drawers, and hoping you guessed right.

We hit the outlet mall, Labor Day weekend, I may be insane. It overall was worth it, but in my rush due to "oh my fuck, all of the people", I got some wrong sizes. Which means I'll be going back. Ugh. Here is what I learned this time.

Hanna Andersson still has great jammies, (organic cotton, yay!), but their shirts seem to run wide for their length. With an abnormally tall kid, I think we'll get our shirts elsewhere. M seems to run tall in the body more than anything. We're getting 2T shirts and 3T sweatshirts. Her jeans are still 18-24 month, but jersey and khakis that can be rolled are 2T.

Speaking of the jeans, um, her thighs are took big for Gap/Old Navy boot cut, and they make like one pair of "relaxed" fit jeans between the two. So, either way too long, or so restrictive, she can't climb anything... well, maybe she can wear them sometimes, when mommy's tired.

She's in the last size of Carter's onesies (so far no tag reactions, but if you want to see something, scary, see Z Recs). However, the short sleave are 1/2 to 3/4" longer than the long sleave ones (just barely long enough for the monkey arms). We also got 3T onesies from Children's Place, which are very stretch and should already fit her. Same monkey arm issue from what I can tell though.

Last year when there was still snow on the ground here, she sprouted up and when I went looking for stuff, it was all spring already. WTF? So, I'm having trouble guessing what to about it this year. I know that her walking means that promised slow down of her growth may actually come. If it doesn't, someone has a lot of explaining to do. So I think when the fall stuff goes on sale, I'll buy ahead on shirts, since that seems to be what we outgrow first.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ok, I need some assvice

In about a week or so, the fam is packing up, sitting on a train for 8 hours, then spending around three days or so in Chicago.

That would be right, we're traveling with a toddler.

We used to travel a bunch, and we've kind of been going nuts not being able to travel. So we put our stimulus check to good use and planned a little getaway to the windy city.

Thing is, we've never done this before. Last trip I did with M of any length was when she still slept the entire time. She's like, walking, and talking now, and not following directions very well.

We had enough forethought to get a roomette, basically a little two seater room that has two fold down bed things (one made of the seats) so that we could nap/contain as needed. Not sure if it will work however. It only an itty bitty room.

So, for the assvice. Anyone done a train trip with a toddler? Any other travel tips? Anything special you think I should remember? Forget? Help?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is it over yet?

While I found a closer bus stop, the buses have been seriously backed up because of the buses of conventioneers (who came up with that? Makes them sound like pirates, then again, maybe appropriate) are clogging things up. No protest issues on my side of the river, just too many people burning gas.

Speaking of the people, this isn't aimed at the republicans, just um, rich convention goers in general. Even the Mary Kay ladies do stuff like this.

Seriously dude, I'm waiting for the bus, holding my toddler, to keep her from running into traffic. I'm not what you think I am, and even if I was, you need to learn how to find a look that at least fakes respect. I'm taking public transportation because I believe global warming, in doing my part for the environment, and because I'm cheap. I want to have money to send my kid to college. I'm not loitering, again, just trying to keep the kid safe. While you're at it, you, and the rest of the people at this bus stop, should consider stopping smoking, or at least holding your breath for half a block. If another one of you walks by and blows cigar smoke in my general direction, I'm go all crazy lady on you. Just ask the last old dude who triggered the momma bear in me, it isn't pretty.

So, tomorrow things should be closer to normal, still have to get all of those people out of town. I'll be driving so I can drop some stuff at work, and because the thought of having to corral an energetic toddler in heavy traffic again makes me break out in a cold sweat.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back, sort of.

I'm back, and slowly getting over having my life disrupted. One more day, just one more day. The bus stop situation turned out to not be nearly as bad, but still not good. I'm annoyed, but I'll live. If you want a laugh though, the Lifetime fitness in the Target Center closed at 4 because they were afraid the Rage Against The Machine concert goers were going to riot. Um, that is pretty close to daycare, looked pretty mellow to me, just scalpers.

I'm not sleeping much, a combination of a cold, maybe some allergies, and ongoing worries about my tooth. I'm sure I'll get to writing about that soon enough. Just need to figure out how much of my somewhat irrational fear of people judging me based on my teeth I should put out there. There is also some work stuff going on, nothing horrible or earth shattering, just lots of thinking keeping me up. Thank goodness for benadryl.

M had a good holiday weekend, she saw her Nana and Grandpa in Red Wing, and her momma went and got plastered for a good hour or two with her girlfriends. She's getting a new word every few days or so, which is fun, funny and terrifying all at once. Especially since the new one is shirt, and well, it doesn't come out sounding quite like, shirt. She's also learned her first color, and it shocked us all that it is purple. Damn is it cute, if I wasn't so intent on keeping her face off of here, I'd upload the video.