Saturday, September 20, 2008

My dear, you were never small

Now that M is fastly approaching the three feet mark, something that she will most likely hit before she turns two, I hold her and remember when she was small. Well, smaller, she was never small. Not in that six pound new baby way.

Despite having high blood pressure for the last part of my pregnancy, that ultimately developed in to pre-eclampsyia, M was nearly 8 pounds when she was born. Three weeks early. Pre-E and just plain hypertension usually cause small babies, if only I were so lucky. She was 7 pounds 14 ounces, and somewhere around 21-22 inches long. Not to mention, the girl got stuck.

However, she was smaller than she is now. While attempting to get her to nap while on our recent vacation, I cuddled her in that way I did when she was little. Her head under my chin, knees curled up under her, except this time she didn't really fit. I love that in this last week she found her free will (in the form of a "no"), and that she is trying so hard to communicate. I love that she is becoming a full person. I miss that ball of baby, that snuggly thing that would only sleep on my chest (thank you reflux, the one souvenir of her early arrival). The reflux was hard (it still is) but I knew I had to go back to work, so I snuggled her, slept with her, just held my ball o' baby as much as I could. It was worth it, and despite what some said, she sleeps just fine on her own. (except when she's teething) It is missing that makes me sometime think I am willing to risk my health for another one. Or maybe I'll just steal the next new one that comes along for a bit. Everyone likes a babysitter, right?

Why all of the fun remembering, well, two awesome famous bloggers are about to have more material to write about, I mean babies. So these other awesome bloggers (some who have said nice things to me and made me blush), threw them a shower, and there are prizes, and who doesn't love prizes. (You can get in on it too) Not to mention, I need to write down this stuff...


Motherhood Uncensored said...

It is truly amazing watching them grow from babies to actual people.

And it's bittersweet too.

Thanks for sharing this! xo


As a fellow Pre-E mommy, solidarity sister. And eight pounds three weeks early!!! Thank goodness you didn't go to term, because... OUCH! Thanks for participating in our shower, pretty lady.