Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vacation - Part 2: Well, that day was a bust.

I'll admit it, we had no idea what we were getting in to. Day one proved it. After getting in a little late on Sunday, and a completely disappointing dinner at the hotel restaurant, we fought to get M to sleep, then all slept horribly in a horrible bed with even more horrible pillows.

We got up Monday, fought over where to go to breakfast (too many choices), decided on a bad choice, and made our way (walking a long walk) to the Chicago Children's Museum.

Side note to museum: With toddlers/babies, opening at 10 AM (yes I know that is when Navy Pier opens) and closing at 5 PM, leaves little time for toddlers who nap after lunch. Especially since while you are at major tourist destination, getting to/from for tourists isn't especially easy. 9 AM would be MUCH better.

We loved it, and since we have yet to go to the Minnesota Children's Museum (damn RNC), we were looking forward to it. It didn't disappoint, but the late opening time made it hard for us to figure out a plan. We only saw half of it, but we ended on a high note. The Waterways exhibit. I've learned when out and about to pack an extra set of clothes, and they came in handy. The staff noted we seemed like old pros since usually members are the only ones who know to bring a change of dry stuff. The only thing I would have done was brought M's Crocs since her nice leather shoes got mighty wet and we went back to the hotel barefoot. If you do get stuck all wet however, they have a dryer and will dry your clothes for you.

After a trip back to our hotel, a fight to nap, and an adventure to find a place to get deep dish, we crashed having felt like we should have done more. So we tried something different for day two.

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