Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving Out

Everything seems to have worked just fine for the feeds, but on the off chance you are still coming here, I invite you over to my new home.

I know, so grown up of me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to wear...

There have already been some great BlogHer posts, but a conversation today on Twitter got me thinking. Does all of us getting excited about what to wear and what we want to do put pressure on people that they don't need to have?

For the record, this is not about pressure. That just isn't me. Last year my excitement about what to wear was all around having lost 20+ pounds and getting new clothes. This year it is about being good and saving up so that I could get some new stuff for work, but wear it to BlogHer first.

First, let me say, that I would be most comfortable, if the weather cooperated, in jeans and a t-shirt. Not a raggy/baggy t-shirt, but something comfortable. Work requires that I dress up, but still be able to crawl under a desk. Yeah, not so easy. For people who live all the time in jeans and t-shirts, I can see how it would be nice to dress up. Me, I want to dress down.

That however does not jive much with me wanting to also be more professional this year. Also, it doesn't work with what I know NYC summer heat to be like. So, here are my suggestions, based on my personal style and choices.

1. If you are a t-shirt person, try to make it look more dressed up. My personal favorites are tiny gauge cotton sweaters with some nice detail like off center buttons or a ruffle. As comfortable and easy to care for as a t-shirt, but they look nicer.

2. Accessorize. At the beginning of the year I set a goal to wear more earring/jewelry. I am happy to say I have succeeded. While I do not understand the Statement Necklace, I am all for some awesome handmade earrings. I would be beyond sad if I lost my favorites, but none are so valuable that I am afraid to travel with them.

3. Dress for the evening. If you wear jeans, bring along a sparkly top for the parties. I'm bringing a sparkly top, to go with jeans, a cute dress, and another cute dress. I think. After a day of running around the conference, I definitely wanted to freshen up and change.

4. If you bring the cute high heels, and you aren't used to wearing them, break them in first. Good way to find out that they perhaps you are not a 12 in that brand like you thought you were, before you can't return them. Not that I would know anything about that... Bring comfy shoes for when you need them (like when you join me to get hotdogs for my birthday, it will be a hike) Also, don't mangle the back of your heel doing a home pedicure the day before you leave. You will spend lots of money trying to find a bandaid to protect yourself so you can wear the cute shoes. Again, not that I would know about that.

5. Bring your favorite most comfy clothes that are still publicly acceptable to travel home in. You will be beat. You will want comfort. I'm sad my favorite pair of traveling pants are too big to wear again this year. I'm on the hunt for something else.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Whatnot and Such

I am knee deep in the middle of unbloggable things. Nothing life shattering, just a stress of work and family things. So instead of just leaving this space blank, I thought I'd blog about my BlogHer prep.

This will be my second year. Right now, it is the only blogging conference I go to, mostly because I have a friend that also goes. Two years ago, I wanted to go, badly, but I had just started more serious blogging (hah! hardly serious now) and everyone I knew was going. So, last year I figured out how to make it work, and I went.

Then I spent a good part of it in my room, totally overwhelmed by the crowds, the swag, and did I mention the crowds? However, I also had one of the best experiences of my life in one of the best sessions ever.

This year, I plan on figuring out some balance. My plan is to seek quieter places to connect with people. Last year I had the most fun just hanging out in quiet suites with people. I also plan on getting out to see the city. It used to be my home, I am comfortable there, and I plan on celebrating my birthday with a little indulgence.

Also on my list, before I go, is a big move. Last year post BlogHer I said I wanted to do this, and I am finally making good on it. I will be moving to some time around 8/1. I've committed to it, by putting the new address on my business cards. I've hired someone to do a header for me, and even if they aren't done in time, I have a backup plan in place.

This next year is going to be a big year for me. I am working hard to meet some major goals, and while I can't get in to details yet, this is just the start of it.

Next topic, for tomorrow. Clothes.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Voices

I have always sort of felt that my body had betrayed me when it came to food. I never seemed to get that whole "you're satisfied, quit eating" thing. I never really heard a damn thing until it got to the "holy, hanah, are we ever stuffed" point. That whole reasonable portion thing never seemed to work for me.

Maybe it was a childhood with a killer metabolism (I could out eat just about anybody, and still was skinny, pre-puberty), maybe it was just my brain's screwy wiring. You know, the stuff that causes depression, and in some in my family, addiction.

Whatever it was, it never seemed to be there.

So, based on a part of the whole "fat acceptance" movement (oh, I could write a lot about that) I've been trying lately to not worry about every little calorie that I take in, and just listen, really good and hard, to what my body is trying to tell me. Eat when I am hungry, not just because it is "lunch time". Stop when I am satisfied, not stuffed. Eat the foods that I crave, trusting that my body knows what it needs.

So far, it seems to be working. Well, sort of. I hear it. There are however some conflicting voices in there. Namely the one saying, "you're stressed, you deserve the candy". I'm pleased that the good voice is really there. I don't feel like I'm quite so broken anymore. I just wish the other voice wasn't winning out so much.

Going in to BlogHer, to go along with my commitment to running, I'm going to try to let the good voice win out. Perhaps while imagining it as a cartoon dog dressed as an angel on my shoulder. Just to help it out, I'm going to do my best to keep healthier snacks available. If the stress does win out, at least I can give it something better than a Twix for it's trouble.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I would run 100 miles...

... and I would run 100 more. Just to be the one who ran 100 miles to fall down at your door...

Since I started tracking my mileage on Daily Mile, I've run 100 miles.

I swear, just check out the nifty widget over there on the right.

If that isn't motivating, I don't know what is.

*Apologies to the Proclaimers for changing the lyrics to their song. They put on what was by far one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Only thing that would have made it better was not having the creepy blind date along... Good thing Scottish accents make up for most everything.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Every so often I'll get a #FollowFriday on Twitter for being a resource for local foods. I'm even in the feed on the side of Simple Good & Tasty even though I am writing about my weight more than I am writing about food. Well, sort of related. Honestly, I don't really understand it, until I take the time to look in the other shopping carts at the grocery store.

My trips to the grocery store this time of year are incredibly short. There is lactose free milk for the husband, yogurt (Greek for me, easily digestible for him, poor lactose intolerant guy), sandwich fixings, soup for lunches, cheese, some fruit (cheaper at the grocery stores, and most comes from the States this time of year), paper products, cleaning supplies, and occasionally meat. If I look in others there are processed food products, lots of meat, canned veggies and fruits, frozen meals, and a variety of things that are in season locally.

To me, there just isn't another way to eat. I forget that not everyone grew up on an organic veggie farm. If it is available locally, and I have any inkling how to cook it, I buy it at the farmer's market. This morning I bought potatoes, carrots, green, yellow & purple beans, tomatoes (mine aren't ripe just yet), locally made brats (tasty) and some locally made pastries for breakfast. I have in my fridge from the last week, garlic, onions, cauliflower & beats. I also picked out of our garden peas, green beans (half a meal's worth), two jalepenos and more cucumbers than I know just what to do with.

This week well have those brats, burgers made from ground beef from our meat share, and lots of veggies at every meal.

This is my time of year. This is the time of year when I lose the most weight. I feed my sweet tooth with in season fruits like watermelon, berries, and tomatoes. I feel free to eat as much as I can of my favorite foods, because they are in season and priced right.

If you are not shopping at your local Farmer's Market, I'm wondering why. They are all over the place, on nearly every day of the week. It doesn't require a trip to Minneapolis to find one any more. They are all over the burbs. If you are in the city however, every neighborhood has them. Even North Minneapolis where I live.

When I am at the market, I focus on locally grown food. I also try to support the minority farmers whenever possible. (for a good piece on that, see this) I know that there are some that avoid them, and their sometimes foreign offerings, but I know that they often have the best food, and the best price.

If you're in MN and would like to find good local food, try here. If you are not local, find your own local market and explore. Bring cash, some reusable bags, and an open mind. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Long and the Short of It

I have an odd body of sorts. It is the body of someone who once weighed over 300 pounds (while pregnant), the body of a mom and the body of somebody who while getting healthier, still loves cookies and ice cream perhaps a bit too much. I carry my weight relatively evenly, with a concentration of excess skin and some fat around my mid section. (I believe the semi technical term is "apron" but I find that moderately annoying) I also carrying some excess skin and flabbyness in my inner thighs. My upper thighs, even at my skinniest, have always rubbed together. I also have some serious calves. I have ever since I was a swimmer.

It is not your average runner's body, and it likely never will be.

Finding clothes that work for me is hard. Finding running clothes that work for me is near impossible. I need something that fits my body, but doesn't really show much of it. I also need something that is wicking, since I sweat like a... well, lets just say I'll need a towel after the BlogHer 5K more than I'll need breakfast.

For shirts I wear a XXL singlet from Champion's Target line. It is a little short for my comfort, but it does the job. I can't imagine sleeves in weather like this. After having seen what my husband got for himself, I may hit the men's section next time to get a longer singlet.

For shorts so far the only things I've liked is the REI OXT Fleet Short 6" inseam women's running short. They are roomy, but not too baggy, long enough not to ride up, they cover the parts that rub, they have a drawstring so I can cinch them in, and they have a long enough rise. They also have the built in undies, which are nice, believe it or not. You just have to wash them every time you wear them.

I tried a Moving Comfort plus size short, but the rise was too short, and it didn't cover the tummy skin. I want to try some of the options from Athleta, since they have a some non cotton Bermuda length shorts. I also think I may try tights at some point, or spandex shorts. That would be when a longer shirt would be nice. Or maybe a skirt without anything underneath. I am also looking at this skirt from REI. In fact, the whole OXT line looks good. I'm especially fond of the fact that they have extended sizes. Not that I need them now, but I know how hard finding good fitness clothing can be when you don't fit the norm. I am beyond frustrated that a number of women's fitness clothing companies stop all of the serious gear at size 14. I'm looking at you Title 9.

What do you like? I am always open to suggestions.

Disclosure: The only connection to anything mentioned is that I am an REI Coop member. I get a dividend, but only for money I actually spend.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

16,368 feet, 4,988 meters (for you Canadians)

Due to rain, and visits to the in-laws for the best fireworks in town, and romantic dinner dates with my awesome husband, I hadn't run since last Saturday. Today was my last day with no kiddo for the foreseeable future so I made the most of it...

...and ran 3.1 miles (fine maybe just three when you figure in the half a block to and from the parkway)

I ran three miles.

I don't think I've ever run three miles in my life. Seriously, like never. Well, until today.

The best part is, it will not be the last time I do it. I may even do something crazy, like run four or even five miles.

I still need to add another half a mile to get to what I am have committed to do for BlogHer, but I'm trying not to think about that right now. Right now it is all about the three miles.

Three hard fought, delicious, take your breath away, make you sweat in the 80% humidity miles.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And How Have You Been?

Me, I've been just enjoying. Three days last week, two days this week, of no M. I miss her sure, but I also have enjoyed working late, swearing whenever I want, and sleeping in. The lack of whining has been... pleasant.

However, when she has been here, I realized how much she makes me smile. How much joy she brings to each day. How absolutely silly she is.

She has the same birthday as David Letterman (things you learn when you labor late at night), and from the very beginning she has been a ham. She could turn her little cries off an on, always knowing just how to work her parents. Thankfully, while she can still work us (and her grandparents, oh her poor grandparents), she is learning she gets more when she works us for laughs.

I have been successful in my career, in building and maintaining relationships, because I know when to make people laugh. There is a time and a place for serious, but more often than not, sometimes you just have to make people laugh, so they can get to a place where they can find solutions and resolutions. In my personal life, I find it far harder to have a sense of humor. She is teaching me to let go.

She will be home tomorrow night, in time for bedtime and snuggle and tucking in. My mom will be back through briefly on her way home to Colorado, and then she will be all ours again. I am sure we will celebrate by picking (and devouring) cucumbers, and perhaps this weekend (if this heat keeps up) our first cherry tomatoes.