Monday, May 31, 2010

Recyclable Pea Trellis

Last year was the year of the small plants in four packs. Last year I purchased things that people didn't even know you could get in four packs at the nursery. (Beans, peas, brussels sprouts) This year, I was determined to save some money and plant from seed. While I didn't get going quite as early as I wanted to, I didn't do too bad.

I planted peas, beans, radishes, beats, broccoli, sun flowers, and cilantro. So far, everything has come up. The broccoli isn't doing so hot, and I'm not sure if one row entirely didn't just poop out on me. However, I am hopeful that some of it actually produces something, otherwise it is a lot of wasted space. The radishes are now thinned to the point where I am just waiting for them to mature. I didn't get any radish sprout salad this year, some three year old ate all of them while I was thinning... The sunflowers and beans are good, each about four inches tall. The beets are coming slowly, but that is expected.

Since I am trying to do more this year, but spend less money, I thought I would show off my new pea trellis. Last year I bought two three foot tall trellises at Target in their garden section. They were not wide enough for my row of peas, so I strung twine between them. It worked OK, but the twine stretched out when it was wet. I could have just gone out and tried to find more to fill in this year, but if I remember correctly, they weren't cheap.

So, I took the same two small trellises, used some really straight sticks from trimming our tree earlier this year, and created a more stable structure between them. Most of the branches are either a single straight branch, or a stable Y shape. They were slightly green when I put them in, so I was able to weave them in and out. Since peas aren't all that heavy of plants, this should hold up. I didn't use this method for my cucumbers since they can get heavy. Bonus, it is completely recyclable. If I hadn't had the metal ones from last year, I think I could have totally done with just the sticks.

The last picture is from today. They are just about ready to grab on. I'll take pictures as their season continues, since I think on top of everything, it will be a cool look.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Retail Therapy Goes Badly

Open letters to an evening of shopping.

Dear Schuler Shoes,

Yes, I know that it was 10 minutes before you closed, but some of us work and like putting our kids to bed. I came in knowing exactly what I wanted. You didn't need to act so annoyed. Also, sort of disappointed that you didn't have my size. You're one of the only places in town that carries them. You didn't even offer to see if you had them at another store. I was willing to spend the extra 40 bucks to buy them from a local store, but you lost that sale. Likely any future ones as well.

Big Foot just ordered off of Amazon.

Dear Dick's Sporting Goods,

Yeah, totally happy you had a nice lightweight hat for me to use for running. Absolutely disappointed that you didn't carry any women's socks above a size 10. Men's socks are OK, but can be wide. If I am going to spend money on the good running socks, they had better fit me.

Big Foot Again, still looking for the socks

Dear REI,

I pink puffy heart you. I ordered a couple of pairs of shorts online earlier this week (including plus size, so awesome you carry workout clothes for real women), and I took the chance today to try them on. I cannot wait until mine get here. Almost bought another pair. (holding out on buying more than the minimum until I lose more) Keep up the good work.

Fat girls need wicking fabrics too

Dear Thighs,

You know, I guess I could have been OK not seeing you in your current state. That whole lack of a mirror thing was sort of working for me. However, I must say, given that your current saggy look is due to my losing weight, I can't be too upset. We're getting there. Thank you for putting up with being shoved in tight compression shorts and running skorts. The skorts definitely were better, but we're not quite out of the chaffing woods yet. Soon. However, even if you're not there by fall, I'm still putting you in tights.

Cottage cheese doesn't even begin to explain it...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Kicked Week 5 and Lived to Tell

So, Week 5 is done. In the seven or so weeks I've been doing this, nothing has scared me as much as that first really long run. Nothing.

I read ahead when I was on week 3 and thought about giving up on the spot.

However, I now own Week 5.

I jogged, very slowly, for 1.37 miles.

Let me put that another way. I ran over a mile, at an under 15 min/mile pace. (14:35 to be exact)

Then I limped home like the big baby that I am. For longer runs, my foot cramps up, my knee starts getting weak, and it is all I can do to make it through the full 3 mile route.

Good thing that I don't run again until Saturday and that Week 6 starts out slow.

I will be getting some insoles until my new shoes show up, hopefully that helps out a little. By the time I get to Week 7 (OMG, no slowing down at all) I should have new shoes in my hot little hands (please don't let me down

Monday, May 24, 2010

Excuse Me While I Melt

There are few words to explain how I hate the heat. It is a deep seated hatred. Compounded by the fact that I don't like to use hate, because my mom's word from when I was a kid still ring in my ears. "Hate is a strong word." I dislike the heat. I hate heat with humidity.

If I afford/convince my family of it, I would move to Seattle, Portland or San Francisco.

There are a few things I can do in the heat. Dip my feet in an icy cold kiddie pool, drink cold beverages, or sit, very still, in the shade, with a breeze. That pretty much covers it.

When I moved out east I discovered the joy that is central AC. It is a necessity in the DC area. When I moved to NYC I got a window AC unit and happily contributed to an urban heat island. Our house doesn't have central air, but we supplement with window units. I would be lost without them.

Of all of the things I have not enjoyed even a little in the heat, exercise is close to the top of the list.

That was before.

Before I realized that I actually like to run. Before I ran in the pouring rain. Before I went to physical therapy for my knee, so I could make sure it wasn't an excuse. Before I got up at 5:15, so I could leave the house at 5:30, so I could go for a run, beating the heat, sort of, and still have enough time to shower, shave my legs and catch the early bus. (so, I forgot my lunch, the Subway was good)

Just because I did it, doesn't mean that I haven't learned my lesson a little.

On Saturday I was dreaming of better gear. Today I realized that it needs to be more than a dream if I am going to be able run in the hot and humid of a Minnesota summer. I need a lightweight hat. I need a hair cut. I need some proper wicking bottoms.

I went online to REI and got two pairs of running shorts. They are longer, loose, and more traditional. I still have doubts that they won't bunch and ride up, but I need to give it a chance. They both have built in liners, so that should solve my undie problem. If they don't work, I resort to... the spandex shorts. Then I cut the liners out of these and wear them over the spandex because OMG, no one needs to see that. I even see, in my future, tights.

Next I'm looking for a good hat, something light, since half the reason I wear a hat is because sun on black hair, not comfortable at all. After that, who knows. I know that I love this more than I thought I would ever love exercise. I know I wouldn't be here without Liz. She's been having a rough go of it, but I wouldn't have actually started the #C25K if it wasn't for her.

Thanks Liz. You can do it.

PS. I ran 8 minutes straight this morning. Yes, that would be at 5:30 AM! Boo freaking yeah!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

While I'm Doing the C25K - Episode 2

Five minutes isn't seeming like so long anymore.

You know, now that I'm on the uber budget, I should put together a wish list for running supplies. What should I put on it? It would help me have goals to save for.

More singlets. This thing is damn comfy to run in. But I'm sweating like a hog and I really should wash them every day now.

Some more sports bras, see reasons above. Glad I found the Moving Comfort one, but I wonder if it will work without underwire.

That reminds me, I really need to save up for some new bras in general.

I wonder if Nike still makes wicking undies. Cotton is just not going to cut it when it is ninety degrees out. *

I should blog about how happy I am to have lost enough weight to be able to find cute underwear cheap. No longer forced to shop at Lane Bryant.

OK, back to the list.

New shoes. My older motion control shoes are helping out the knee. Damn I hate that the little snot at the New Balance store was right. At least I can order online now.

I need a haircut. That is a running supply right. I wonder if I can afford to keep going to my regular person. If I had to go to the Institute it would suck. Trainees hate curly hair.

Maybe I should get a lighter weight hat like that chick that just passed me again. The canvas is going to get hot too.

I wonder if I will ever be comfortable in those short running shorts.

I will never be comfortable in that unitard thing she is wearing. OMG.

I'm going to be the dork that goes to the grocery store in her workout clothes tonight. To hell with it.

Monday is 8 minutes. I'm scared.

* Yeah, if you have always worn technical running shorts, you won't get this. The fitness pants I run in, no liner. However, I did find these from Title Nine. They are now on the list.

** I have no idea if it will work, but I am thinking about moving my work schedule and trying to get out when A is getting ready for work. That would be around 5:30. AM. I don't do well for exercise then, but I think it would help my overall goals of weight loss to start the day exercising. We'll see if it lasts longer than my Shred at 5:30 plan. (two weeks was all I made it then)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sage Advice

The drama, at work, has not yet ended. It continues to be of the variety I just cannot get in to details about online. Which is frustrating. It is times like these when I wish I was better at making friends. I left the blogger get together last night early to go home and tuck in the kiddo. I also left because I do not do crowds well. My ability to fake it has a limit. Give me a quiet corner with one or two people and I am much better. However, that takes time to cultivate, and I am just now coming out of the stuper of new parenthood enough to feel like I can take the time to develop those friendships.

So instead, some beautiful sage flowers. My sage survived the winter. Something it does with ease when in the ground, or in Colorado, where it is a year round landscaping fixture. Not so much in container gardens in MN. Early snow tucked it in nice and warm, and this year it came back. With flowers.

Beautiful flowers like nothing I have ever seen. The hint of purple makes me happy. Very very happy. Also, I finally figured out how to really work the macro setting on the new camera.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Build It Then Fill It

Now that you have a box to grow your garden in, time for what is next.

Where do you put it:

We originally went with container gardens because the spot for the garden just happened to be where we had just taken out a tree. The ground was shot and covered in pine needles. Do you know how painful pine needles are when they accidentally lodge in the hands while you're working dirt? All I did to get things ready for the containers was lay some weed block down underneath the containers. It keeps weeds from coming up and the plants from going down in to soil that is not as nutrient rich. It also allows drainage. Which brings me to the next point. They need to be basically level. Not perfectly, but basically. Since all I had was a pile of needle ridden dirt, I just moved it around until it was basically right. If you look at my first three containers, you will note that some are higher than others. That was on purpose.

If you want to do this on a hill, consider creating terraced containers. They would need to be longer, with the narrow side going up the slope, mitigating the slope to some effect. If it is a steep enough hill, you may need to do actual terracing.

Avoid putting them in a low spot in your yard. As in, one where water pools when it rains. Too much water could cause root rot.

This year, I put the boxes on (very weedy) grass. To deal with the grass around them, so I don't have to mow, now that I have things in place I'm going to kill it off or cover it with weed block and mulch (as soon as I can afford mulch).

What to fill it with:

I use a mix of a third to a half peat moss, and the rest compost. My composting adventure has not gone well for a variety of reasons, so I buy mine from the Depot. I get the compost plus manure, Mushroom Compost, and if I'm feeling rich, Moonure. Composting manure does crazy thing to plants. My uncle's composting horse manure grew the largest tomatoes I had seen before the 7 foot tall monsters I had last year.

I get enough for a good six inches of mix in each box. (that works out to about 8 cubic feet) This year, I skimped a little on the peat moss and used half a bag (it expands, a lot), and five bags of compost for each box. The peat moss helps add air and moisture retention that you would not get with straight compost. Compost alone can also be almost too rich for some plants. Not including the extra compost I got to help amend the older boxes and where I did some plantings by the house, two boxes worth cost me 30 bucks. If I had a trailer and lived in a city where they sell their compost, it would have been a lot less.

Planting Strategies:

Ignore the information on the packets, sort of. You have nutrient rich soil so the largest concern becomes spacing plants so they get sun and don't stunt each others growth. This is where I suppose if I bought either of the books on the subject I might have more specifics. Instead, I sort of wing it. I mix heights so that things get good sun. I plant in rows going East to West because that maximizes the sun for the different heights. I thin things, but not as much as the seed packets. Worst case, if something isn't working, I can always take out another plant or too. Much harder to put them back. The only other thing I pay attention to is nightshades. If you want tomatoes, peppers, or eggplant, make sure you have at least two boxes. Rotate these crops so that they are never in the same box two years in a row. If you can do three years, even better.

It is entirely possible that the seven foot tall tomatoes were a fluke. I am hoping they were not. If they were, I may just be full of it.

How to Build a Square Foot/Container Garden

Gardening is easy, I swear it is. You see, you don't have to get a rototiller and dig up and work on amending soil that used to be grass, or used to be who knows what kind of dumping ground for burned garbage (the place my parents put their garden when we moved in to town).

You can build up, and it is easy, and relatively cheap. Total cost for the box, less than $20, and they last for years.


2" x 10" x 8 Ft. boards. Pine is fine, but you want it untreated. This is for making a 4 ' x 4' or 2' x 6' box. The minimum soil depth should be 4-6", so you can get by with a 6" tall board, but I like the 10" height because it makes some extra room for mixing, they are heavy enough to not need any other staking. Also, even if you are making more than one, don't go with the longer boards. Longer warps, and makes assembly hard. Cost: $7.75 each

8 small brackets (from the decking area) These should be L brackets. They make longer ones you could use one each, but I am cheap, and it was easier to get two small per. Cost: $1.08 each

1" wood screws, a big plastic pack of them. You need at least 32, and likely at least one will be bad. Buy the big box, you'll use them. Cost: Not sure, we had a big box.

A power drill/screw driver. If you have something like my very large cordless Ryobi, make sure you knock down the torque to be right for screws instead of drilling. If you don't have a good drill, why not? Really? Even single girls in apartments need drills.

1. Get the board cut at the store. Home Depot will do one cut for free, per board I think. I've never been charged. This was my 2'x6' box.

Screw the short side of the brackets on to the boards. Since I wanted to get the most out of my 2 foot width, I did the brackets like this. For the 4' x 4' box, I did the assembly more like this. So one on each of the left sides of the boards.

After attaching all of the short sides of the brackets, I then attach the long sides of the brackets. If you're doing this like I did, you can leave the long sides on the ground. If you do a square box, I would recommend just keeping things on the ground. I sat in the middle and just did the whole thing from there.

Ever wonder why you do the short sides then the long sides, it is so you can fit your drill in to the tighter space you are doing the final assembly.

When you have attached one side, flip it up and do the other side. (again, with a square box, leave it on the ground and if you need, just get someone to brace the other side to make the screwing easier.


This is already a photo heavy post, so I'm continuing this tomorrow to talk about placement, what to fill it with, and planting strategies.

Monday, May 17, 2010

With a Little Help

Tonight I did Week 4 of C25K. For the third time. By all rights, I should be using this opportunity to move on to Week 5, but I won't be doing it.

I want to succeed at this. I NEED to succeed at this. I find it so easy to give up sometimes, and I know I can't give up on this. There is a prize at the end and it is having the life that I want. So, I don't move on until I know I have mastered the current week. I don't move on until I know I will succeed when I try the next. It is a feeling, where I don't struggle through every run. It is when I can sprint at the end of the runs and really open up my lungs and stretch out my legs.

Last week, during all that rain and miserable cold weather, A said something to me that stung. When I said that I wasn't going out, he said that that was the me that he knew. Finding excuses.

Before you think that he was just being and ass, because I sort of did that already, know this. He knows me very well. He knows that sometimes to really get motivated, I need to get pissed.

So instead of making excuses, or just doing the Shred, I went out, and ran, in the pouring rain. When I called him out on the whole giving up thing, he did point out that it worked. He knew exactly what he was saying to me and why. I am so lucky that I have someone that will support me through all of this.

He hangs with the kid, gets baths ready, and often puts her to bed. He does it without complaining one little bit. It makes me want to not give up. It makes me run when I have a tickle in the back of my throat. It makes me run when I don't want to. It is what is going to make this a success.

This last March we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I wanted to write a post for him, but I couldn't figure out what to write. From the beginning, our relationship has felt private, and special, and I didn't know what if anything I wanted to share. However, here a couple of months later, I finally figured it out. I wouldn't be where I am right now, if I didn't have his love and support.

Happy (late) Anniversary honey bunches.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Little Bee

What happens when you have an early Spring, followed by like five days of cold, rain, and maybe a little snow, then a super nice weekend right when the Minnesotan's should be planting?


This weekends accomplishments include but are not limited to:

Got a new phone that allows me to be more connected, even when, ummm, working.

Going to the Mill City Market (OMG, how did it take this long for me to find this gem!!!) for the first time and partaking of some amazing Banh Mi from Dim Sum Street. We also had Indian Spiced Donuts from The Chef Shack. For later (read, breakfast tomorrow) I have two tarts from Queen of Tarts (who clearly need a website with a name that cool).

All of the above was thanks to needing to pick up our first meat CSA delivery from Brauchers Sunshine Harvest Farm. So far we have had some sausage patties, and they do not disappoint. We are having hamburgers tomorrow.

Hit Johnstock (part of the Art-a-Whirl activities in NE) and ran in to the always wonderful Andrea. Who I happened to know was at Crafty Planet (I was already headed that direction) thanks to mobile Twitter. Hee. We got M some pony tail holders that if she ever listens she will get to wear. I also got a new necklace and a Wonder Woman zipper pouch. Totally psyched about my cool recycled pouch.

Got a run in. (C25K Week 4 - Day 2, still alive, so it must be working)

Made my first trip to Home Depot to buy 32 board feet of 10 x 2's to build two new raised gardens, sixteen brackets to hold the boards together, and some compost & peat moss.

Built one of the new containers.

Added some compost to existing beds and planted 8 pepper plants, four cucumbers and two tomatoes. Oh, and some basil, parsley and rosemary.

Played around with the new phone some.

Worked Sunday morning including a trip to the office where M got to go with and watch HD PBS Kids in the break room (I will now quit mocking the need for TV's in the break room).

Made breakfast with the sausage from Brauchers, pancakes and a sauce made from local rhubarb we got at the market. Oh, and lattes too. Mmmm...

Made another container for the garden.

Went to Home Depot again for another 400* pounds of compost and gas for the grill (stinker ran out in the middle of grilling the onions Saturday night).

Finished filling the beds with compost & peat moss. Got a call from a friend who had extra dirt. Added some of that, and planted four more tomatoes, and from seeds, beans, peas, radishes, broccoli (why yes, I am crazy), beets, sunflowers and cilantro.

Mowed two thirds of the yard.

Made dinner, it was tasty.

Resisted temptation to reward myself for a busy active day and didn't have a beer or a coke (though I may still have the beer)

Went grocery shopping. (hate it when staples like bandaids, ibuprofin and tissues blow your budget)

Now, some laundry, dishes, and yeah, I think I'll have that beer. (good micro brew stuff from out East that we love, a special treat for someone like me who rarely drinks)

*If you count just the compost bags, which cumulatively around 500 pounds. I figure I moved each bag at least four times (Depot to cart, cart to car, car to wheelbarrow (easy slide to the ground) and then the finally dump in place). Which means when you figure in the wood, the extra dirt, etc, I figure that I lifted and moved around close to a ton and a half, maybe two tons this weekend. Holy bananas!!!

**Don't forget your sun screen. No matter how nice it is, if you're outside for longer than like half an hour, wear it. Just think of my fat red arms to remind you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You know what is awesome?

This. He's smiling.
And this. I think he's blowing me a kiss, don't you?

Sometimes, working for The Man isn't so bad. I mean, corporate America has some side benefits. Especially when you work for a company awesome enough to let the peons in the good seats.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Wee Bit of Ripping Off

Bless me father Jillian for I have sinned.

As of today it has been three days since my last run.

In that time I have eaten piles and piles some sugary treats. I have also imbibed of just one Leinie at the game alcohol and four pieces a little bit of pizza. not to mention all of the damn fine kettle chips.

Apparently my body did need some major traumatic possibly life changing events a little break, so it wasn't all bad. I finally started losing weight again five freaking weeks after starting the Couch to 5K.

Don't worry, for my penance I have already made the ultimate a little sacrifice. I did Week 4 of the C25K. In 48 degree weather. And pouring rain.

I ran for 5 minutes (TWICE!) in the pouring rain and lived.

Boo Freaking Yeah!

PS. I am not trying to offend any Catholics, I swear.

Life of the Party

One of the coolest things about tweeting about local and crafty businesses is that local and crafty people follow me. Which can be really cool when it comes to finding new local crafty businesses.

I have been coveting My Friend London's yarn ever since I clicked through to her Etsy Store.

I have this secret passion for hand spun. I just never think I knit anything good enough for it.

However, after finally meeting her in person, and seeing the awesome bright colors in person, at Craftstravaganza, I could no longer resist. I bought some "Life of the Party" and it managed to make it in to a hat less than two weeks later.

I may have been a wee bit inspired by Shepherd's Harvest Festival as well.

It is lovely yarn, and it knit up quick on 10.5 needles. I love it so much I may bring it to the very chilly Twins game today.

I think I am over my fear of hand spun. Too bad I'm on a craft diet while we do the new budget. I want to have my craft room in the basement before I get any more. However, I will stalk her Etsy store in the meantime.

PS. Not all of her yarn is as schitzo as what I got. I just like bright shiny colors. Also, why yes I am a giant dork when taking pictures of myself showing new things.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Nonspecific Terms

If you follow me on Twitter, you likely would like an update to this, so here it is, in more than 140 characters. Well, also in nonspecific ways because I have absolutely no desire to get dooced. (wait, I thought that was technically a word now, why is spell checker not happy with it)

Yesterday there was "an incident" that basically came down to an issue of respect for me. It was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. Part of a long pattern of... issues.

So, I quit. I didn't ask my husband, I told him. I just did it. Then I cried. A lot.

When I finally found a person to resign to (what, there are a lot of meetings) she rightly talked me in to waiting. You know, talking to my husband, and making a well thought out decision. (I adore her, not everyone would do this)

Then you know, I tweeted about it.

So I went home. A couldn't concentrate having been shocked by his wife, so he came home too. We talked it out. There was a lot more crying. There was also a budget spreadsheet. We figured it out. It could be done. It would suck. There would be strict rules. There would be little to no wiggle room. There would be no more expensive haircuts. There would be no vacations, no BlogHer, no movies (maybe a matinee), no new clothes. There would be crappy health insurance (mine rocks, his does not), there would be big changes. There would be a need if we wanted to have any fun, that I work part time. Either freelance or go back to my Barista skills.

However, there would be no worrying about M getting in to a school just because it had before and after care. There would be working out, during the day, like a normal person. (instead of timing it to right before sunset) There would be playdates. (thank you Twitter) There could be sharing childcare occasionally with my SIL, and maybe letting the girls play together more. There would be the possibility that we could afford another kid. (two in daycare, way too expensive) There would be adjustments, but I would get to do the art projects, instead of getting them in a pocket on a wall from school.

There was also the realization that we are not managing our finances well at all. We (well, I) have debts. If we can afford to have me not work, then we should be able to afford to save and pay off debts. Regardless of the outcome of the meeting, something would need to change.

So today, at work, there was talking. There is a plan. There is an understanding that if I want to quit my job, then it needs to be because I want to do it for me and for my family and not because of "an incident". No matter what, "the incident" would be handled. If I wanted to look at options for a flexible schedule, or if I wanted to leave and stay home, we could consider that in the future. I am in a position of control. I have control over my own future. I do not have to work.

It is freeing. It is relaxing. It may help me focus.

So we are instituting the new way of managing the finances. Today, I handed over my credit cards to my husband. In June, when the new budget starts, everything changes. It will be good.

I want to pay off debts. I want to get in a better place on a few things. Then I will reevaluate the work schedule thing. If I still feel like I need to do it, I have submit a proposal for flex time or a reduced schedule. I am in control.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

For Mothers and Those About to Rock

A hates flowers. They make him sneeze. He was forced to live with lilacs as a child, despite both boys being allergic to them. He still resents all flowers for this.

However, he knows I love them. Sometimes, even with his issues, he gets them for me. Usually when I least expect it.

Yesterday, when I least expected it, he got me the perfect flowers. They are all kinds of bright and cheerful, and I love them.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms, regardless of what your path to motherhood has been. And for those who are struggling with today, Happy OMG You Rock Day! I cannot help but think of my friends who have been pained by this day in recent years, and those who are still struggling. I hope there is some peace for you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bee's (slightly tweaked) Knees

Dear Week 3,

I just can't quit you.


A. Sprout

I've sort of been half assing (it is a word, I swear) participation in Liz's challenge, but I'm making it official.

Week 3 kicked my behind, or well, my knee, all over the place. Friday, it started hurting a little. Saturday, I ran again because I needed to get one more Week 3 in. Sunday, any time I left it bent or stood on it for too long, it was killing me. I still had to mow the lawn however, so I powered through. When giving M a bath on Sunday before bed, all of that kneeling on the hard bathroom floor did me in. I spent some quality time with Dr. Google and determined that I had runner's knee. Common, but you know, consult a professional.

One thing that I've learned is that all of the normal rules don't always apply when you're doing fitness activities and obese. I bet those little stick figure like people would have issues if they carried around a 60 pound backpack while gleefully jogging down the path too. (bitter, who me? ) Before I ever considered C25K, I spent close to a year walking and building endurance. I dropped 30 pounds. I can't even imagine doing this when I weighed 260. You have to listen closely to your body when you have this much extra stress on it. When they say consult a Dr. before beginning, they mean it.

So, yesterday, even though I was pretty sure I knew what the issues and solutions were, I went to see a Physical Therapist. I want to be in this for the long haul. Getting hurt and having to stop is not an option I want to even consider.

The good news is, Dr. Google was mostly right and it is a common issue with easy solutions. The therapist, and her assistant, were supportive and encouraging. (part of the reason I went with a female PT) They were able to easily identify the issue and give me information on what I needed to do next.

I am very lucky. I don't have to get a referral to see a PT. I went right to the subject matter expert (SME if you're really a geek) and didn't waste any time not training.

I'm repeating Week 3 again because my lungs just don't feel up to going beyond 3 minutes. However, last night (4th time on Week 3 workout) I started to feel like I was breaking through. I was recovering faster and not ending the interval completely out of breath. Tonight, a nice little walk trying to beat the rain. Tomorrow I'm back at it again with another Week 3.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stand on my tiptoes, do a mime routine with a wall and invisible chair, and lunge a little. I love PT homework, really I do.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

While I'm Doing the C25K

There is something blissful about having close to an hour nearly every day to myself. It doesn't matter how hard I am pushing my body, it feels indulgent to not be catering to the every need of a kid, husband, or housework. I think, about a lot of things. Here are just some of the things I think about:

If my body doesn't start dropping weight soon, I'm going to cry.
My knee really hurts. Stop it knee. I need you to work so I can get skinny and make you happy.
You can do this
You are better than this
I'm pretty sure I'm close to the end of this three minute run, I think it was just after the first chorus in this song.
Stand up straight, no one is as worried about your stomach flapping around as you are.
What do they call that stupid bit of fat/skin that hangs down where the sun doesn't shine, skirt? Stupid thing. I hope I can meet my goals and justify that tummy tuck.
Running? Again? OK, you can do this.
I wonder how stupid I look and sound to the people out walking their dogs, all huffy and puffy.
Screw them, I'm Wonder Woman.
She's just walking in her high waistband jeans up to her damn bra, I'm running dammit.
God, if I ever wear jeans that look like that, somebody shoot me. A muffin top looks better than that.
I wonder if I dress crappy enough to be on What Not to Wear.
Is Clinton Kelly gay or straight? What am I thinking, it is none of my business.
Running. Time to run.
Even out your stride, or your other knee is going to get messed up.
Stand up straight, look ahead.
I said straight.
Stupid pollen, this sucks.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You can do it.
Almost there, don't slow down, you can do it.
OK, there is no way in hell I am going to do Week 4 next week. I'm repeating, for real this time. Maybe by then everything will stop blooming.