Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Little Bee

What happens when you have an early Spring, followed by like five days of cold, rain, and maybe a little snow, then a super nice weekend right when the Minnesotan's should be planting?


This weekends accomplishments include but are not limited to:

Got a new phone that allows me to be more connected, even when, ummm, working.

Going to the Mill City Market (OMG, how did it take this long for me to find this gem!!!) for the first time and partaking of some amazing Banh Mi from Dim Sum Street. We also had Indian Spiced Donuts from The Chef Shack. For later (read, breakfast tomorrow) I have two tarts from Queen of Tarts (who clearly need a website with a name that cool).

All of the above was thanks to needing to pick up our first meat CSA delivery from Brauchers Sunshine Harvest Farm. So far we have had some sausage patties, and they do not disappoint. We are having hamburgers tomorrow.

Hit Johnstock (part of the Art-a-Whirl activities in NE) and ran in to the always wonderful Andrea. Who I happened to know was at Crafty Planet (I was already headed that direction) thanks to mobile Twitter. Hee. We got M some pony tail holders that if she ever listens she will get to wear. I also got a new necklace and a Wonder Woman zipper pouch. Totally psyched about my cool recycled pouch.

Got a run in. (C25K Week 4 - Day 2, still alive, so it must be working)

Made my first trip to Home Depot to buy 32 board feet of 10 x 2's to build two new raised gardens, sixteen brackets to hold the boards together, and some compost & peat moss.

Built one of the new containers.

Added some compost to existing beds and planted 8 pepper plants, four cucumbers and two tomatoes. Oh, and some basil, parsley and rosemary.

Played around with the new phone some.

Worked Sunday morning including a trip to the office where M got to go with and watch HD PBS Kids in the break room (I will now quit mocking the need for TV's in the break room).

Made breakfast with the sausage from Brauchers, pancakes and a sauce made from local rhubarb we got at the market. Oh, and lattes too. Mmmm...

Made another container for the garden.

Went to Home Depot again for another 400* pounds of compost and gas for the grill (stinker ran out in the middle of grilling the onions Saturday night).

Finished filling the beds with compost & peat moss. Got a call from a friend who had extra dirt. Added some of that, and planted four more tomatoes, and from seeds, beans, peas, radishes, broccoli (why yes, I am crazy), beets, sunflowers and cilantro.

Mowed two thirds of the yard.

Made dinner, it was tasty.

Resisted temptation to reward myself for a busy active day and didn't have a beer or a coke (though I may still have the beer)

Went grocery shopping. (hate it when staples like bandaids, ibuprofin and tissues blow your budget)

Now, some laundry, dishes, and yeah, I think I'll have that beer. (good micro brew stuff from out East that we love, a special treat for someone like me who rarely drinks)

*If you count just the compost bags, which cumulatively around 500 pounds. I figure I moved each bag at least four times (Depot to cart, cart to car, car to wheelbarrow (easy slide to the ground) and then the finally dump in place). Which means when you figure in the wood, the extra dirt, etc, I figure that I lifted and moved around close to a ton and a half, maybe two tons this weekend. Holy bananas!!!

**Don't forget your sun screen. No matter how nice it is, if you're outside for longer than like half an hour, wear it. Just think of my fat red arms to remind you.


Jenn said...

Ok wait- why is broccoli crazy? Or are you just crazy because it's from seed? Or because it's all from seed? Or what?

Amelia Sprout said...

I have never grown broccoli from seed, or from plant. It is one of those things I have heard is hard. Just uncharted territory for me.