Saturday, August 1, 2009

When the gardener is away...

It is Saturday, and after having been out of town or dealing with family in town nearly every weekend for the last month, we're taking a weekend to just relax and do stuff together, as a family. Since I'm feeling a bit intellectually drained after everything I wrote earlier in the week, I thought I would share some garden pictures. It had a lot of time to grow while I was gone.

That is a six foot tall privacy fence that my tomatoes are next to. Yes, you read that right. Six foot tall tomatoes. Yet not a single ripe one in the bunch. I have however had to take a small bucket of blossom end rot ones off. Ask me how I feel about that, I dare you.

It rained before bed last night, and there isn't much of a sign of it anymore, except on my kale plant. Right there, in the middle of the plant.

This is a volunteer sunflower. It grew below the bird feeder that we put in front of M's window. I had these visions of huge sunflowers growing up like an exterior curtain, so I just let them go. Little did I know that with the dry weather they would all end up tiny. This one is about a foot tall.

These are my tiny Brussels sprouts. They make me really happy.


Rebecca said...

I have never seen brussels sprouts growing before. Cool!

tere said...

Great garden, da. you got the touch, must be from your namesake and the one who shall not be named.
MN has got to have warm weather for tomatoes to ripen. those nightshade family plants need HEAT. I'm envious of the brussel sprouts.
We've got beets, summer squash and are waiting for the tomatoes & peppers too,

I'm liking your direction with the blog, too. you go girl.
can't wait to see the new design and the writing. You make your mama very proud.

April said...

wow! awesome stuff!!!

Magpie said...

i fear that i will never have ripe tomatoes this year. it's been so cold and rainy. good luck with yours.

RookieMom Heather said...

We have almost the same thing going on here. 4 very very tall tomato plants, not a green one to be found.

The Fritz Facts said...

Our tomato plants are huge too, and just started turning red with the heat and the rain we have had. Hubby ate one on Friday.

I love that Kale picture, so cool.