Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Kicked Week 5 and Lived to Tell

So, Week 5 is done. In the seven or so weeks I've been doing this, nothing has scared me as much as that first really long run. Nothing.

I read ahead when I was on week 3 and thought about giving up on the spot.

However, I now own Week 5.

I jogged, very slowly, for 1.37 miles.

Let me put that another way. I ran over a mile, at an under 15 min/mile pace. (14:35 to be exact)

Then I limped home like the big baby that I am. For longer runs, my foot cramps up, my knee starts getting weak, and it is all I can do to make it through the full 3 mile route.

Good thing that I don't run again until Saturday and that Week 6 starts out slow.

I will be getting some insoles until my new shoes show up, hopefully that helps out a little. By the time I get to Week 7 (OMG, no slowing down at all) I should have new shoes in my hot little hands (please don't let me down


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