Monday, May 24, 2010

Excuse Me While I Melt

There are few words to explain how I hate the heat. It is a deep seated hatred. Compounded by the fact that I don't like to use hate, because my mom's word from when I was a kid still ring in my ears. "Hate is a strong word." I dislike the heat. I hate heat with humidity.

If I afford/convince my family of it, I would move to Seattle, Portland or San Francisco.

There are a few things I can do in the heat. Dip my feet in an icy cold kiddie pool, drink cold beverages, or sit, very still, in the shade, with a breeze. That pretty much covers it.

When I moved out east I discovered the joy that is central AC. It is a necessity in the DC area. When I moved to NYC I got a window AC unit and happily contributed to an urban heat island. Our house doesn't have central air, but we supplement with window units. I would be lost without them.

Of all of the things I have not enjoyed even a little in the heat, exercise is close to the top of the list.

That was before.

Before I realized that I actually like to run. Before I ran in the pouring rain. Before I went to physical therapy for my knee, so I could make sure it wasn't an excuse. Before I got up at 5:15, so I could leave the house at 5:30, so I could go for a run, beating the heat, sort of, and still have enough time to shower, shave my legs and catch the early bus. (so, I forgot my lunch, the Subway was good)

Just because I did it, doesn't mean that I haven't learned my lesson a little.

On Saturday I was dreaming of better gear. Today I realized that it needs to be more than a dream if I am going to be able run in the hot and humid of a Minnesota summer. I need a lightweight hat. I need a hair cut. I need some proper wicking bottoms.

I went online to REI and got two pairs of running shorts. They are longer, loose, and more traditional. I still have doubts that they won't bunch and ride up, but I need to give it a chance. They both have built in liners, so that should solve my undie problem. If they don't work, I resort to... the spandex shorts. Then I cut the liners out of these and wear them over the spandex because OMG, no one needs to see that. I even see, in my future, tights.

Next I'm looking for a good hat, something light, since half the reason I wear a hat is because sun on black hair, not comfortable at all. After that, who knows. I know that I love this more than I thought I would ever love exercise. I know I wouldn't be here without Liz. She's been having a rough go of it, but I wouldn't have actually started the #C25K if it wasn't for her.

Thanks Liz. You can do it.

PS. I ran 8 minutes straight this morning. Yes, that would be at 5:30 AM! Boo freaking yeah!


Ms. Huis Herself said...

I've been running in my nice cool basement on a treadmill. Since I don't foresee any actual, real 5Ks happening down there, I'd better start doing some outside running. Mine's gotta be evening though 'cuz I know myself enough to know I could never, ever convince myself to get out of bed early to exercise.

LutherLiz said...

Thank you so much for the love here. It means so much to have support even when things are challenging. I am so inspired by you and your success. You are awesome my friend!

Heather said...

I hate the heat, too. I'm glad the C25K has made you love running. The right gear will make all the difference, I'm sure.