Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Wee Bit of Ripping Off

Bless me father Jillian for I have sinned.

As of today it has been three days since my last run.

In that time I have eaten piles and piles some sugary treats. I have also imbibed of just one Leinie at the game alcohol and four pieces a little bit of pizza. not to mention all of the damn fine kettle chips.

Apparently my body did need some major traumatic possibly life changing events a little break, so it wasn't all bad. I finally started losing weight again five freaking weeks after starting the Couch to 5K.

Don't worry, for my penance I have already made the ultimate a little sacrifice. I did Week 4 of the C25K. In 48 degree weather. And pouring rain.

I ran for 5 minutes (TWICE!) in the pouring rain and lived.

Boo Freaking Yeah!

PS. I am not trying to offend any Catholics, I swear.


beautyredefined said...

Congrats! Rain is definitely no fun, and making me wonder if I should go running now rather than in the rain tomorrow.

You should be proud - live it up!

PikaPikaChick said...

You are a stronger woman than I. :)

Britni Danielle of This Side of the Wall said...

you are still doing better than me. although i've been keeping a handle (for the most part) on my eating, my workouts have been erratic. and i've been the same weight for like 3 weeks now. damn.

i've gone back to The Shred & sorta ditched C25K because....i still don't like running one little bit. and this process, for me, isn't about running a 5k, but about losing this freaking weight & getting healthier. so however i can accomplish that (and stick to it), i will do it.

sorry for rambling...GOOD LUCK! and i'm happy you're not beating yourself up about your slip ups.

The Marketing Mama said...

This was an awesome, hilarious post. And I'm Catholic, and was totally not offended. :)

You know, Jillian sends out these daily e-mails and one of them she was talking about weight loss plateaus. She talked about upping your calories for a few days and that usually will break it (as long as you are still working out). It's weird, but it works for me, too.....

Of course she had some big explanation about how to do it in a healthy way that wasn't exactly pizza and other junky stuff. :)