Monday, May 31, 2010

Recyclable Pea Trellis

Last year was the year of the small plants in four packs. Last year I purchased things that people didn't even know you could get in four packs at the nursery. (Beans, peas, brussels sprouts) This year, I was determined to save some money and plant from seed. While I didn't get going quite as early as I wanted to, I didn't do too bad.

I planted peas, beans, radishes, beats, broccoli, sun flowers, and cilantro. So far, everything has come up. The broccoli isn't doing so hot, and I'm not sure if one row entirely didn't just poop out on me. However, I am hopeful that some of it actually produces something, otherwise it is a lot of wasted space. The radishes are now thinned to the point where I am just waiting for them to mature. I didn't get any radish sprout salad this year, some three year old ate all of them while I was thinning... The sunflowers and beans are good, each about four inches tall. The beets are coming slowly, but that is expected.

Since I am trying to do more this year, but spend less money, I thought I would show off my new pea trellis. Last year I bought two three foot tall trellises at Target in their garden section. They were not wide enough for my row of peas, so I strung twine between them. It worked OK, but the twine stretched out when it was wet. I could have just gone out and tried to find more to fill in this year, but if I remember correctly, they weren't cheap.

So, I took the same two small trellises, used some really straight sticks from trimming our tree earlier this year, and created a more stable structure between them. Most of the branches are either a single straight branch, or a stable Y shape. They were slightly green when I put them in, so I was able to weave them in and out. Since peas aren't all that heavy of plants, this should hold up. I didn't use this method for my cucumbers since they can get heavy. Bonus, it is completely recyclable. If I hadn't had the metal ones from last year, I think I could have totally done with just the sticks.

The last picture is from today. They are just about ready to grab on. I'll take pictures as their season continues, since I think on top of everything, it will be a cool look.


Robin Marty said...

we did our peas right next to the fence, so the plan is to have them weave up through that. How exactly does that work though? Do you just lead them to where they should sprout up and they figure it out on their own?

Oh, and I made my own strawberry patch this weekend. Hopefully it will revive -- the seedlings were pretty bad. But I ran out of soil for my raised bed and finished it with potting soil, so maybe I broke them.

My cilantro was doing great, and all the sudden last week everything died except for about 4 sprouts. How does that work? I thought the stupid thing was a weed? My basil container is finally kicking it up though. And the tarragon. So I only had one failed herb out of 4.

Pusher said...

So cool! This is pretty much the only thing I can imagine making peas even cuter than they already are. LOVE IT.