Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back, sort of.

I'm back, and slowly getting over having my life disrupted. One more day, just one more day. The bus stop situation turned out to not be nearly as bad, but still not good. I'm annoyed, but I'll live. If you want a laugh though, the Lifetime fitness in the Target Center closed at 4 because they were afraid the Rage Against The Machine concert goers were going to riot. Um, that is pretty close to daycare, looked pretty mellow to me, just scalpers.

I'm not sleeping much, a combination of a cold, maybe some allergies, and ongoing worries about my tooth. I'm sure I'll get to writing about that soon enough. Just need to figure out how much of my somewhat irrational fear of people judging me based on my teeth I should put out there. There is also some work stuff going on, nothing horrible or earth shattering, just lots of thinking keeping me up. Thank goodness for benadryl.

M had a good holiday weekend, she saw her Nana and Grandpa in Red Wing, and her momma went and got plastered for a good hour or two with her girlfriends. She's getting a new word every few days or so, which is fun, funny and terrifying all at once. Especially since the new one is shirt, and well, it doesn't come out sounding quite like, shirt. She's also learned her first color, and it shocked us all that it is purple. Damn is it cute, if I wasn't so intent on keeping her face off of here, I'd upload the video.

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