Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why the RNC Can Suck It

Because you know, if the hatred of gays, the love of guns, and your shrinking liberties weren't enough...

They had to go and fuck with my commute.

The RNCC is in St. Paul. But everyone else is in Minneapolis, including, if they show, the Prez and the VP.

Right around where I work.

Right around where M goes to daycare.

Where I catch a bus home every night after walking four or so large blocks from daycare with just enough time to spare for my infrequent bus, because I live on the edge of the worst part of town.

Where they shut down every freaking bus stop on that side of town (most of which also serve the poorest parts of town... hrmmm?)

So now I will have to walk 6-8 blocks while they have everything closed, hoping that they don't try to divert foot traffic as well. Hoping that I catch the bus (I'm going to have to leave work early to do it), because the next one isn't for half an hour, and who wants to be stuck down town with a 16 month old.

Could be worse. Law enforcement has taken up in the parking ramp of a friend's company and they randomly close it without warning. Which is great for the people who pay a monthly parking fee for parking there. That's service.

Thanks to fear of people who can't protest peacefully, many of these plans for making my life hell did not come out until late last week, leaving me little time to work out what to do with my boss, or to just plain take the whole week off. Which I really wish I had done.

Thanks, you know, you really won me over with all of this shit. And if you think picking a woman as VP is going to make anything better, think again. Cause seriously? I mean really? Come on.

Sorry for anyone who is shocked, but I'm seriously left. I try to keep it in check, but you just interfered with my ability to make money, and that never sits well with me.

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Birdie said...

LOL. Sorry the RNC is throwing a big ol' monkey wrench into your days. Stupid republicans :-)
Speaking of monkeys...did you get the pics of our friend? Otto loves him!!