Sunday, September 28, 2008

Naked Baby On The Loose!

Since M started really enjoying her bath, and getting especially squirmy, we've been letting her go from the bathroom, holding her adorable hooded towel off the floor, to her dad in the living room to get dried off. (it is so cute)

Except tonight, she took a detour. She went to the corner by the front door. The corner that the dog poops in if she's mad at us. She dropped her towel, ran a little, peed very little, and before I could get her, ran into the kitchen and peed more. A lot more. Good thing her bath hadn't emptied yet.

While nearly all of this was happening, A sat on the couch laughing. See, I stay in the bathroom to start cleaning up after her bath while he starts drying, so I didn't see her run to the corner and get naked.

I guess we need to figure out a new routine.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, there is just something about that corner. The dog will leave her pissed off presents there, and I think more than once I've seen M go there to make a mess of a diaper. No idea, maybe there is something they can smell...

1 comment:

tere said...

sounds like time for potty training. the awareness is happening.
love you all!