Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just what sound does a zebra make?

One of my favorite programs growing up was A Prairie Home Companion. We didn't have electricity, so my TV watching was limited, but my imagination grew with the radio show. My favorite parts were the ones that involved human sound effect man Tom Keith. He could make any noise you could think of. More recently they've added Fred Newman (who you may know from Between the Lions) I always wanted to be as good as them, but I never will.

However, M seems to be on her way. While she isn't talking that much yet, her repertoire of animal noises is increasing daily. She has monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, horses, chickens, cows, turkeys (thanks to our run in with a flock of tame wild ones at the orchard today), snakes, and is working on mastering the lips for her first one, fish. Her obvious love of animals and noises that they make has created a bit of an issue, since A and I are running out of animals we know the noises for. Which is why the reason for the question above, just what sound does a zebra make? I watched a lot of Nature and Wild Kingdom when I was a kid, and I can't figure it out.

I bet Tom or Fred would know. I wonder if they offer preschooler internships on the show. She does a mean chicken. (bock, bock, bock)

This weekend Parent Bloggers Network is partnering with Generation Next and their iKnow Animals, Letters and Sounds toy to do a blog blast. (partnering with the awesome San Diego Zoo) The topic - I Live in a Zoo - While mine may not be one yet, it certainly sounds like one.

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