Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let the vacation prep continue...

Still focused on trying to get ready for vacation here. Including tying up loose ends at work. Having a moderately pointless class (they all seem to be pitches for their books) today didn't help matters much. However, I was able to clear up some Target shopping. Got M a harness thinking we could use that for our trip. However, the monkey scares the crap out of her. Oh well, we try again later. Guess we'll have to just let her run wild.

I have made my lists, and started piling clothing to be packed, while trying to figure out just what food to bring with for the train and subsequent days. Have to make sure we have healthy snack options.

I may get a post ready to to auto post while I am gone (parking lot rage anyone?), but if I don't, I'll be back next Thursday. However, one last post tomorrow for Haiku Friday. If you haven't already seen Haiku Friday, head over to A Mommy Story tomorrow to check it out. Definitely worth it.

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