Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are incredibly lucky parents, because M is a great kid. I know we've had some part in that, but really, part of it has to be luck that she is generally an easy going and easy to please munchkin.

Even if No is the new black.

The only problem we're having is sleep. Due to a variety of reasons, M has coslept from the beginning. She has been sick a bunch (less due to tubes) and thanks to her reflux, could at one point puke in her sleep. So she slept with us, or more specifically, me, on my side of the bed, so I couldn't move in my sleep (I'm a tosser normally). For awhile, we had gotten to a point where she could sleep mostly on her own, then join me from around 4 AM on. Sometimes she would sleep entirely on her own, even if it was in the pack & play in our room.

Now she's awake and wanting me around midnight. Not nearly enough time for me. I'm losing sleep, I'm stiff and sore, and I'm cranky. Mostly because I don't know how to solve this.

With her initial go to sleep, we have a good thing. She falls asleep on her own barring schedule changes or illness. She used to fall asleep nursing, and when she wouldn't sleep with that or anything else, we did a modified CIO (which I never thought I would do) where we went in every few minutes to give her a hug & re tuck her in. Eventually stretching it out to longer and longer times. Most nights now, she falls asleep on her own quickly, sometimes it takes longer but she just talks to her toys.

The other thing is, she uses a Nuk. She has at least one spare in her crib, so she usually can find one if she needs it. We know we need to wean off of that too, but one thing at a time.

So, any ideas? We are thinking we need to do a modified version of CIO in the middle of the night as well. Which means we really really lose sleep for this to happen. A can help on weekends, but he's useless to me during the week since apparently the ability to lose sleep and still function comes with my lack of a y chromosome.

We did kind of try to do this last night, but I caved pretty early because well, duh, I needed to work today. This morning, she wanted her dad, not me. Apparently, it is already all my fault.



Jill said...

Oh God. How I hate the sleep problems! Mine is used to falling asleep nursing for naps still...and I'm about ready to be done. We did CIO in the night when I was absolutely sick and tired and DONE with the wanting to nurse often in the night (and she was plenty old enough she didn't need to).

It only took a few days. Like 2 or maybe 3.

And then I kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

However, I'd mentally gear up for a week of at least some struggle with it.

Good luck! I still struggle with the 5am wake-up - do I let her yell or nurse her and doze myself or nurse her and put her back down. Argh.

Jenn said...

yeah- stick with your hug/re-tuck thing even if it's in the middle of the night. Sometimes we rock a little bit. I think that S was around that age when we started showing her that it was still dark and still night-time so it wasn't time to be awake yet. They can understand so much more than they can say.
On the other hand, I also think the super nanny advice of not saying anything is good too- though it's difficult not to.

Marketing Mama said...

I totally wish I could help you - but I'm too sleep deprived to think clearly. I really liked the secrets of the baby whisperer for some good hints with my first child - although it's horribly written and difficult to follow her logic at times.

I hope it gets better for you soon. I've been contemplating writing a similar post. ugh.

Birdie said...

Have you checked out the No Cry Sleep Solution book? I hear great things. Might be worth a shot...