Friday, September 5, 2008

Ok, I need some assvice

In about a week or so, the fam is packing up, sitting on a train for 8 hours, then spending around three days or so in Chicago.

That would be right, we're traveling with a toddler.

We used to travel a bunch, and we've kind of been going nuts not being able to travel. So we put our stimulus check to good use and planned a little getaway to the windy city.

Thing is, we've never done this before. Last trip I did with M of any length was when she still slept the entire time. She's like, walking, and talking now, and not following directions very well.

We had enough forethought to get a roomette, basically a little two seater room that has two fold down bed things (one made of the seats) so that we could nap/contain as needed. Not sure if it will work however. It only an itty bitty room.

So, for the assvice. Anyone done a train trip with a toddler? Any other travel tips? Anything special you think I should remember? Forget? Help?


Christina said...

Well, I can tell you not to use Benadryl on her, hoping it'll knock her out. Most kids usually end up hyper instead, including mine.

Bring lots of quiet activities - books, coloring, etc. Or haul out a portable DVD player if it works for her.

Good luck! Wish we were going to Chicago and could meet up with you.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Excellent planning on the roomette. She'll be able to do a lot more wiggling than on, oh, say, a 6 hr transatlantic flight!

Small new-to-her toys and books that are wrapped might help. I remember bringing those with for Pumpkin, but she might have been a bit older. Don't forget a few old favorites though. If there are toys (small car? blocks?) that she can play with on the floor, that's a bonus. Also, books that do things (flaps, touch & feel, wheel to turn) hold attention longer than standard ones. Crayons & paper if she doesn't try to eat them (Penguin still thinks they might be tasty. Looking out the window might also be oodles of fun.

Remember snacks and beverages, a cozy blankie, and a book for you if you're lucky enough to have her settle down/nap for a while... but don't count on getting to read it! :)

Also, definitely have a change of clothes (or at the least for yourself a shirt) handy (like at the top of the suitcase or in a diaper bag) for you both.

Best of luck! Let us know what was good in Chicago 'cuz it's close enough that might be an "away trip" for us someday!

Marketing Mama said...

I thought assvice meant bad advice... is that what you wanted? I guessing not. ;)

I haven't done a train trip with kids, but I have done a few car trips. Our favorite travel toy is the aquadoodle mini-books (Target has them). All you need is a little water in that pen and the little one's have so much fun coloring in all the pages. No mess or lots of crayons to try to keep track of.

And of course, snacks. Love the comment above about new books. And little toys... good luck, I bet it will be easier than you think!