Saturday, September 6, 2008

Now for something completely different...

I did say this was a mom blog, right?

All of a sudden, it got cold, just when M's shorts all started getting a bit snug. So, that means shopping, getting stuff out of drawers, and hoping you guessed right.

We hit the outlet mall, Labor Day weekend, I may be insane. It overall was worth it, but in my rush due to "oh my fuck, all of the people", I got some wrong sizes. Which means I'll be going back. Ugh. Here is what I learned this time.

Hanna Andersson still has great jammies, (organic cotton, yay!), but their shirts seem to run wide for their length. With an abnormally tall kid, I think we'll get our shirts elsewhere. M seems to run tall in the body more than anything. We're getting 2T shirts and 3T sweatshirts. Her jeans are still 18-24 month, but jersey and khakis that can be rolled are 2T.

Speaking of the jeans, um, her thighs are took big for Gap/Old Navy boot cut, and they make like one pair of "relaxed" fit jeans between the two. So, either way too long, or so restrictive, she can't climb anything... well, maybe she can wear them sometimes, when mommy's tired.

She's in the last size of Carter's onesies (so far no tag reactions, but if you want to see something, scary, see Z Recs). However, the short sleave are 1/2 to 3/4" longer than the long sleave ones (just barely long enough for the monkey arms). We also got 3T onesies from Children's Place, which are very stretch and should already fit her. Same monkey arm issue from what I can tell though.

Last year when there was still snow on the ground here, she sprouted up and when I went looking for stuff, it was all spring already. WTF? So, I'm having trouble guessing what to about it this year. I know that her walking means that promised slow down of her growth may actually come. If it doesn't, someone has a lot of explaining to do. So I think when the fall stuff goes on sale, I'll buy ahead on shirts, since that seems to be what we outgrow first.

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