Thursday, September 18, 2008


We're home, safe and sound. Trip was what we expected, and not at all what we expected, all at once. I learned some valuable lessons for traveling with a (my) toddler. I've got a million post ideas about that for here and Savvy Source, but I need to actually do some work today (yeah, ugh, should have been time off...) Not to mention my yard seems to have grown into a jungle.

However, I will start with this, that I almost logged in and posted when we got there.

M's been getting a new word/animal sound every few days lately, mostly animal sounds. The morning that we left, she used a new word.


She'll use a new word appropriately a few times, then not for a couple of days, and then use it regularly after that. Which means that she was using it regularly by the time our last day rolled around when we were all short on sleep and way over stimulated. Umm.. yeah. Too bad champagne gives me a headache (which I already had) or I would have been drinking all of the free stuff I could get my hands on.

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