Monday, August 4, 2008

Maybe I missed the point?

So, post Blogher, the great Mocha wrote a wonderful post (like all of them, I know, stalker much?) that made a little fun of how some very blind people couldn't tell her from Heather B from Karen, etc. Something I really don't get, since to me they all look so very different. However, being the freak that I am, this is what I got out of it.

Macy's has a special section where they keep all of the shoes for the drag queens and me! Must buy shoes!

I was going out on a limb about that whole every Macy's thing, but I figured it was worth a shot. I know Nordstroms has special big feet events at The Rack, but there is a Macy's downtown. Like, lunch shopping, not go to the gigantic freak mall shopping.

You think I may kid about my feet, but umm... pregnancy, sucks for my feet. If they grow again if I have another, I'm going to be wearing work boots everywhere.

Yeah, so back to the shoes. Dave, bless his cute little flamboyant heart, looked past the lack of a pedi and helped me find these. I would have kissed him if I hadn't known he would have gotten absolutely nothing from it. Fabulous indeed.
Yeah, it gets better. Checking out the Nine West site... they go up to a 12. So I may actually be able to wear a pair of heels again. A will be so happy!

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Mocha said...


All good roads lead to shoes. I used to be a 9, now I"m an 11. Sorry about the pregnant feet.