Monday, August 4, 2008

The Great Interview Experiement

Since I am the world's greatest sucker for a Canadian (long story) I jumped all over Neil Kramer’sGreat Interview Experiment” when Backpacking Dad brought up that he had signed up for it. When it comes to some things, I so love to be a follower. I was interviewed by Deb of San Diego Momma (if you really want to know more about me, go see), and I got the great pleasure of interviewing Amy of Doobleh-Vay (her blog name totally brings me right back to German class and Frau Winkles).

Your profile photo is very beatnik looking. Are you always that moody and cool?

Oh I think I would like to look moody and cool! I love the Beat era though! I think I kinda went through a beat stage in College. I wanted to go live in Boulder and go to the The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. I went off to live in Greece instead. If I were to be able to dress and look presentable each day it would be rad to look beat!

Your profile on Kirsty says you like radishes. What kinds? Red? Daikon? Horseradish?

I like them all. I eat them for snacks. I love veggies very much. I should be thin.

Speaking of Kirsty, what does an editor at Kirtsy do?

We scour the internet for cool and interesting links/blogs/sites and place them up on kirtsy for all the coolest to come and enjoy! It is really fun to find the best of the web and share! The women there are amazing and I have met wonderful pals.

Who did you add to your blogroll after BlogHer this year?

I am still working on it man...Many. I left with a stack of cards and a large heart.

What is your favorite kind of wood? Seriously, my dad was a carpenter, and between him and the rest of the family, I've found that everyone has a favorite if they have any exposure.
I love Maple. We make a lot of our products out of it at
I also love scrap pine though bc when my husband and I were young and poor ten years ago- (nothing but the youth has changed) he would dig out scrap pine from the dumpster of a boss and make me mission style pieces for our tiny apartment. We have the coffee table still that was our first furniture and I love it as worn and old as it is. It holds history.

What crafty pursuit do you go to, other than writing, when you need to unwind?

I love to use sharpies and make crazy giant wall hangings for my house. I write tiny little words all over the piece or lyrics to cheesy old songs. I like to do this while I watch TV. I also love to paint and sew a bit.

Anything I should have asked that you're dying to tell someone?

I don't collect anything and this is odd bc my parents are hoarders and antique collectors and vintage Coca Cola and Texaco collectors. I don't collect anything and it kinda bums me out. Any suggestions?

Not yarn or fabric, because they will take over your life. Not that I would know personally or anything. I don't really collect anything specifically because I come from a long line of packrats and I don't want to go there. I did however become the keeper of the family photos (which I think is a good thing to collect), but I think that is just because I am the responsible one. Now I'm off to go stalk your etsy shop until I have another baby to buy something for.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

thanks love! it was fun!

RookieMom Whitney said...

Ok, that was fun to read. I'm going to sign up now.