Friday, August 22, 2008

Haiku Friday: Taste of Summer

peppers zucchini
grilled chicken marinated
balsamic salt herbs

some fresh cracked pepper
little char on the edges
a wonderful taste

there would be pictures
but we at it all up quick
even m loved it

sweet tomato to
end the perfect summer meal
ready for fall though

An amazing farmer's market and garden meal. I really couldn't have asked for anything better. M loves her zucchini, the peppers were red ones that I got from the farmer's market downtown (five bucks for at least 10 huge ones). The chicken turned out moist yet flavorful. Even with all of that, the humidity is getting to me. We came home today to find a circuit blew while we were gone (not sure how yet) and one of the window AC units had been off for most of the day. Not good. We're hoping the storms that we desperately need tonight will help things. Especially since we're heading for M's second State Fair trip on Sunday. Last year we went and enjoyed it a little, but the hour it took me in the lactation station (thank you FM 107), had A kind of annoyed since he had nothing to do while I nursed. This year we're hoping for better, and the weather looks perfect. Pretty sure she's not getting any of the chocolate covered bacon though.

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Rachel said...

Yummy! sounds fabulous, a perfect summer meal.
Great haiku.
Have a wonderful weekend.