Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well frick!

When I was 11 I was in a bike accident. I nearly broke my jaw, skinned my face, and tore my bottom lip off of my gums (sorry). I also broke my two front teeth. As a buck teethed kid, I was kind of excited.

I got temporary crowns that were supposed to be replaced by the time I had my grad pictures done. It was actually root canals, since my teeth had started to die, and composite build ups. Thing was, my parents didn't have insurance, so they paid for everything out of pocket, and were still paying for it when I graduated from high school. They broke off a couple of times, but I had them rebuilt. I never got the crowns.

When I grew up and got a job with real insurance (19) I never had enough income to be able to pay my share of the crowns (1/2 of 2-3k). Finally, after I got engaged, I put enough in my flex account (love that thing) to get them done before my wedding. Our sped up Vegas wedding left just enough time to get it all in, but I had them. They look pretty good, for front teeth crowns on a person with an overbite (I have metal backs to keep my bottom teeth from cracking them).

When I got them put in with the temp glue, one needed permanent glue right away, the other wouldn't come off, but they said that if it did, I could get it glued in then.

Which is great when your dentist is in your building and it is during the work day.

Not so great on a Saturday night.

And my dentist isn't calling back.

And there are no generic emergency clinics in my area.



scarletvirago said...


Hope you aren't in a lot of pain. I need a crown on my front tooth, too, but I'm afraid. I'm kind of even more afraid after this post.

Marketing Mama said...

So, I've never had crowns before. Does this mean that you essentially look toothless right now?

I'm sure you don't see the humor in this right now, but it 10 years you are going to laugh about it!