Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loose Ends

Don't know what the sickness was, but it is essentially gone. Hand, Foot & Mouth maybe, Roseola, more likely possibility. (yesterday she had a small rash by her mouth, but by the end of the day, it was essentially gone) However, she was over whatever it was very quickly. Perhaps the shortened the length of this illness I can attribute to breast feeding. It did nothing for the all of the ear infections, so I wouldn't mind it getting the credit for something.

Apparently all of the internets are watching the Olympics like I am. I haven't been writing much, and people haven't been reading much. I've been busy working all of the sock monkeys that I've given away (including one that went on a brief detour to WV instead of WY) and finishing up the baby blanket for Blog the Recession. If you haven't participated yet, you should. Its a seriously awesome blanket it and it is likely to be the only time I ever give something that big away (unless it is donated by someone else).

Just to get you excited, here is a picture, loose ends and all.

The apparent lull in babies seems to be coming to an end, so it is a good thing I got this done when I did. Next project will no doubt be intended for some new small human. (and no, not me, last one nearly killed us both, more in the work arena)

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Birdie said...

Maybe our monkey just wanted to see the world! Hee hee.