Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Couldn't she have waited another three weeks

Dear M,

I love you my darling kiddo, even when you scream for an hour after bedtime for no apparent reason. I love you when you feed the dog all of the food I just worked so hard to cook for you. I love you even when you stink that horrible stink that you do, and I must clean up after you. (while attempting to stay conscience after methane poisoning from checking at exactly the wrong moment)

But why, oh why, couldn't you have put off growing oh, say, another three weeks. See, it is summer, the temps are in the 80's, and while it is cooler in the morning, chances are that it is going to be warm for another month or so. Which is why when this morning your t-shirt didn't fit because you've grown so much, that I just figured I would pop on down to Target during lunch and get you a few more t-shirts to tide you over until long sleeve weather.

Except... Target and the rest of the retail world think it is fall already. In fact, they have the cute orange and black Halloween shirts out already. And I seriously couldn't find more than three t-shirts. (and 40 tank tops on sale) I bought all I could find in your size. And I stopped feeling bad that I had purchased ahead earlier this year and dressed you in the too big shirts. Because now it all pays off. Because your growth spurts always happen three weeks before the season change.

I love you little one, and your stinky ass too.


16 months old, and the 2T perfectly fits. I've started buying 3T before her second birthday. (but you can bet in pants I'll still have trouble fitting her waist. God bless the adjustable one)


Marketing Mama said...

I feel your pain. It's so difficult to get the seasons right. Last year I gave away all of my sons 2T summer clothes thinking he'd for sure need 3T this summer. Turns out he still needed the 2T... and I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. Of the SAME size. I won't make that mistake again - keep the clothes until the next season and try them on just to be sure!

Rebecca said...

I hear ya - stinky pants and inconvenient growth spurts.