Monday, August 18, 2008

Blind curves

The following post is a cliche', but it is my cliche' dammit.

Today I got some bad news, someone I knows only child had been killed in an accident. An unfortunate accident caused by a blind curve and some even worse timing. I never know how to act in this cases. All I can manage to come up with is "That fucking sucks". I never know what to write in sympathy cards, especially since I don't pray, being a non believer.

This one especially hit me, since it was a parent, losing a child. I guess there is some cliche' in my reaction, since everyone says you won't know how hard it is until you're a parent. The thing that got to me the most was the blind curve thing. No matter how much you prepare them, no matter how many times you yell about the hot stove, there is always something around the bend. The timing could be off, and disaster could strike. Things are outside of your control.

It is times like this I wonder if being a non believer is such a good idea. Like maybe faith would be an insurance policy for the unknown. If anything every happened, would my reason be enough, or would I need something to explain they why. (sorry, no answer to that one either)

My thoughts and energy go out to the person who lost their child. I wish them peace.


Marketing Mama said...

Yup - that sucks. Do you mean blind curve as in a curve in a street? Or was that an analogy? Just curious.

I don't know anyone personally that this has happened to, although I do imagine my faith would come into play - both giving me comfort and making me angry at the same time.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Oh, that's HORRIBLE! I never know what to say either.

scarletvirago said...

That does fucking suck. A few months ago, my daughter's playmate died from an asthma attack and all I could think was, thank god I'm not that mother. Except that I wasn't really thanking god because I'm a non-believer, too, and that was weird and uncomfortable. So I didn't say anything.

D said...

I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child as my heart aches when my little ones are sick! So sorry for your friend - don't worry about the "what" to write - just write them something - because you being there is more important than any words or any belief system.

Take Care - and PS - where is "home" in the Red River Valley for you?

Heather H said...

This post really helped me to know what to say