Friday, August 15, 2008

Haiku Friday: Missing

I feel naked this
thing is missing from where there
should be a small ring

I can fit it on
but it is too tight too small
my body still huge

my fingers swollen
my weight where it was before
apendages not

In addition to my feet having grown, so did my fingers. I haven't worn my wedding ring on my finger since while I was pregnant. I tried once after M was born, but managed to get moisture trapped underneath and got the finger equivalent of jungle rot. (not pretty at all)

My weight is essentially where it was before, but my fingers are not. Unfortunately I have a titanium ring, so there is no resizing option availalble. I want to replace it, but whatever money we would have had for that has been given up for gas and food cost jumps. Not to mention, of course, I wouldn't mind an upgrade (and something that can be resized).

Any nice company want to give me a new wedding band? I promise I love you long time.


Rebecca said...

Titanium? I didn't know they made jewelry out of titanium. What does it look like? it sounds cool.

Amanda said...

My hubby's band is titanium. He's a cop and wanted something durable that wouldn't scratch and dent up. It's crazy how light that thing is!

scarletvirago said...

Hi! I saw your comment over at and wanted to tell you that that thing about Phelps' ears? Very nearly made me pee myself with absolutely hysterical laughter.

My husband and I have black titanium wedding bands. No resizing does suck, but everybody notices them!

Anonymous said...

You could always get a sterling silver "faux" wedding ring to wear until yours fits again. $30, tops.