Friday, August 1, 2008

Haiku Friday: A Post In Two Parts

Part 1:

silence shut it off

will leave the leash in the bag

sweet quiet is mine

I've been on call for the day job this past week. Not a bad one, but enough. I'm happily leaving the crackberry in my bag when I get home, and not even bringing home the laptop. Woo Hoo!

Part 2:

the hummidity is

gonna kill me if the heat

doesn't do it first

may have to suck it

get a swim suit that fits me

and hide in a lake

minimum I will

give my weeds some love grass too

sprinkler running whee!

We had a mild spring. It was nice, I was in heaven. I love snow, I miss snow, it is freaking hot. We'd go to the pool and have some fun with M if we weren't so paranoid about her getting water in her ears (she has had tubes since May). We'll most likely get the sprinkler out and have some fun in the back yard, but he heat hasn't been good to my already struggling yard. It is mostly weeds, and some tomatoes (that are finally ripening).

How do you stay cool? Because I am melting.


maggies mind said...

Hope you are thoroughly enjoying some quiet time and are keeping cool. I have lived in some hot and humid conditions, and cold water in me and me in cold (or just cool) water were the only real solutions sometimes. Good luck!

Honey Mommy said...

I hear you about the HEAT! That's what my haiku was about too. I am ready for Fall already!

Nice haikus!