Thursday, July 31, 2008

If I ever see her, I'm giving her a big wet kiss

Maybe one for Jill too. (see, I know her and stuff)

I read the article Jill mentioned in her comment on my last post written by It's Not All Mary Poppins, and the light bulb clicked on in my head. At her old daycare, with minor exceptions, dropping off M was always handing her physically over to someone. As she got older she went off to find the toys that she knew she could play with, but that was maybe in the last few weeks. She was also one of the first ones there.

At new daycare, she's been starting her day pretty much alone in a crowd. We are one of the later ones in, so there are a lot of kids. However, I still think I can hand her to a person (the teachers there in the morning are so wonderful and understanding). That should help a bunch. I also have been so personally troubled by the screaming, I haven't been focusing enough on a good be strong for her kind of goodbye. While it is hard for me (this morning was bad, chocolate wasn't even helping), I am the grown up and I need to suck it up to make her transition easier. I can sob into my latte later on.

Tomorrow, I'm wearing the big girl panties. And this super cute skirt, still not sure about the shoes.


tere said...

Potty training? Is there something I am missing?

Jill said...

Yay! Glad to hear the article was inspiring. I hope it is helpful - it may take a bit of time, but it'll get easier - for both of you!

(And Mary P. ROCKS! She's got a great, kid-respectful but firm idea for getting rid of pacifiers / Nuks / soothers when you're _eventually_ ready for that. My kids wouldn't take one, so at least I didn't have to fight that battle, but her advice was so brilliant I was impressed anyway.)