Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We have a winner of the sock monkey.


She's been notified, and here he/she is. Still needs a face, but I wanted to see who won first, since I couldn't do some things if it was going to a baby.
Since the whole win a sock monkey thing was such a huge success (I was giggly giddily over the number of entries), I'm definitely doing it again. Maybe not a sock monkey, maybe a pig or something next time. Either way, I promise it will be good. So, if I was going to make another sock monkey, which socks should I use? I'm kind of thinking the seahorses, but I'm open to suggestions.


..酱爆前列腺 said...

it is made by you??
very interesting!
I'm from China ..could we make a friend?
my MSN is miroro@live.cn

Birdie said...

yay!!! I'm so excited!