Sunday, November 23, 2008

Much better, thank you.

She's been fever free for a day, a rash has developed (another Roseola twice kind of kid) and she'll be back in daycare tomorrow.

She is drinking, so that is good.

She is not however really eating all that much. She's refusing veggies, (except zucchini with balsamic vinegar...) and proteins, including cheese and chicken, some of her faves. She's still just starting to feel better, so I'm torn about if I should stick to it that she needs to eat the good stuff. After months and months of just eating and eating and eating, she's behaving more like a toddler than I'm used to. I want her to eat something, but the girl cannot live on bread and bananas alone.

Any ideas? How long before I make her actually eat real food? Wait for the peer pressure of daycare to help her get back on track?

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Zenmomma said...

I wouldn't worry about her food choices right now. She's recovering from being ill and probably has a good intuitive sense for what her body needs and can tolerate. Once she's feeling better she'll balance her diet out over time. I have two teens and watched it happen over and over. I always ended up worrying too much. From my experience, as long as she's getting enough calories (bread and bananas count!) that's what's important.

So my advice (long winded as it is) would be to offer choices but not to worry. :o)