Friday, November 28, 2008

Very Nearly Done

What do you know, I think I may make it to the end of the month. Even with all of the sicky sick.

While I adore having my mom around, and seeing my brother was awesome, I'm pretty glad they're gone. A and I are still sick, and M is well, other than some sniffles. We're going to watch her run around the house all weekend while we work on getting better.

I think our most adventurous plans involve doing some measuring in her room to make sure that the kitchen we want to get her will actually fit. (Maybe I should have done that before...)

The next major thing I need to have taken care of is figuring out what our Christmas plans are. Then it is surviving them.

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darcie said...

I hear ya on the Christmas plan thing - we have a destination in mind - *back home* which includes sleeping on air mattresses on living room floors where no one gets any rest whatsoever and making sure you spend equal amounts of time between each (divorced) parent/grandparent.
I LOOOOVE Christmas but am already stressing about how I will survive this year...