Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Halloween That Was Not

Well, we managed to make it down to see the in-laws for the big day. It was a success in that it was a surprise. Unfortunately we had failures on multiple counts

One, M had a major blowout either before we got there, or right after. Something she ate (apple cider, oreos?) or her teething cause some major... issues. Right down to her socks. So, there were no trick or treating photos, because she made it to one house, theirs. They hand out pop (to toddlers even) so there wasn't even chocolate to make it better for her parents. I can't even recreate it because I left the whole mess there, and it will be thrown out. (wings and antenae survived and may be recycled)

Another was that it was a happy passive aggressive Minnesota thing... None of the details I should disclose, at least this close to the situation. I'll just say that I have had my fill of family for the time being. Except the ones who actually live in town, those I wish I saw more of.

The rest are nit picky and involve bad beds, horrible sleep, and a toddler who is too tall for a pack and play.

All other details will have to wait, while it may be NaBloPoMo and I felt I should participate, I've also committed to try to find more balance. Crazy, no?


Marketing Mama said...

oh no, that sounds horrible! At least she's too young to remember... what's up with giving out pop? Is it supposed to be better for you than candy ? I'm confused.

Jill said...

Oh Lordy! That does NOT sound fun. Too bad about the costume & the whole experience.

(And no chocolate? Isn't that unAmerican?)

Jen said...

Oh that is too bad about the not trick or treating! :(
Didn't she have something for M though? She always seems to have some crackers/cookies/little toy when we get there...