Sunday, November 2, 2008

A little fall cleaning.

Both A and I come from families with at least one major pack rat. Sometimes more than one, even in multiple generations. (I'm nearly positive that it is genetic) That means that the tendencies are strong, and we have but one small house, with a single car garage. (detached of course) We fight it, and we are getting better.

After our adventure this weekend, I think our resolve to keep doing something about it has strengthened. Nothing like seeing the packratting at it's worst to make you realize that you really need to work on it yourself. Especially when one of the major reasons for all of the tension was us trying to exert some control over how much new stuff enters our house. If we can't do it ourselves, then how can we hope to reasonably ask anyone else to respect our choices.

So far, not much of it has actually left the house, but we've sorted through M's room, removed the "baby" toys, and gotten rid of any of her clothes that are either too small or out of season. It is a start, but just that, a start. There is still so much to do, and it would be nice to do it before it gets much colder out.

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