Friday, October 31, 2008

A special place...

There is a special place, complete with numerous spa treatments and regular massages, in heaven, or whatever you believe in, for toddler teachers.

Today I was a parent volunteer at M's daycare for trick or treating. Her daycare is in a building downtown, and some of the businesses in the building like having the kids come around for trick or treating. Since they are not all the most compliant bunch, they do it in their buggy and large strollers. However, that only seats 12, so parents help out with the other two, and keeping everyone happy. M rode in her own stroller, and we hit seven or so offices, the kids elicited oo's and awwws. When it was done, the three parents left, and the teachers had 14 hungry, tired, somewhat dramatic about taking costumes off, kids. And we didn't even let them have any candy.

Wow. I... could not do what they do, sanely. Now I understand why they gush so much over how M is a mellow and easy going kid. Sure, she still seems to not always hear what they say, but... they're saints.

I never really had an overwhelming urge to do much for M's other teachers, but now I'm trying to figure out just how much I can budget for. I wonder how much hiring someone to do chair massage for a couple of hours is...


Best costume of the day, one of the boys was a cave man. Complete with an animal print diaper cover... and nothing else. Apparently his older brothers are dinosaurs.

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Jill said...

As a former teacher, I loved gift certificates to something for ME - that way I didn't feel guilty about using it for myself. Book store = great, but I always spent some on me & some on classroom. Restaurant or movie theatre - all about me!

You might want to consider suggesting to other parents there (if you see them, or ask if you can drop a note in cubbies...) that all of you pool money for a gc to a spa or nice restaurant or something - or even just all give gc to the same one. Maybe there's one near the child care that would be good?

Also, homemade goodies NEVER went to waste. Esp ones with chocolate.

Anyway, just a thought from somebody who has received FAR too many things with apples on them. :)