Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Changes abound

When I agreed to start working for Savvy Source, I really had no idea what I was getting in to. It was a lot more than I ever imagined. It is stressful, it has hurt some relationships, and it has complicated many things. I do love doing it though.

One of the things I knew I needed to do when I created this blog to go along with my new more public persona, was try and make it worth it for me. You'll notice that little thing over on the left, and a few text ads. They're mostly just an incentive to spell check. Well, and stress relief seeing what the text ads sometimes show, so very funny.

As part of those changes, I've also started a review blog to go along with this one. I call it A Sprout Reviews. Clever, no? Right now it is just a shameless plug for my favorite kids shoes in the hopes that someone would give me some free ones. However, watch that space, because soon there will be an actual real honest someone actually asked me my opinion review.

Yeah, I know, who would have ever thought I would be opinionated.

Please forgive that it isn't pretty right now, I'm working diligently on that. Just waiting on the perfect photo.

1 comment:

Antigone said...

As a fellow IT geek, I'm sure you won't let us down.