Monday, November 17, 2008

More Wa-Wa or The Great Sippy Showdown Take 2

Turns out that post yesterday was a good lead in to what is going on around here today.

M has always had odd issues with what she puts in her mouth if it is something that involved liquids. The nipple shield, she used until the very last time she nursed. I tried to wean her of it multiple times and finally gave up since the battle was not worth it and my supply never suffered.

When it came time to have her drink breast milk from a bottle, I had a heck of a time finding ones she would drink from. Avent wide necks, ok, but not great. The only thing she would take were Gerber Nuk wide mouths. You know, full of BPA. I hand washed bottles for months, purchased every bottle known to man to try to find one that either worked with the nipples, or she would take, and finally after she turned one, found Green to Grow was a passable fit. (I even tested some sealing caps for them too) She never, ever, would take breastmilk out of anything other than my silicon covered boob or a Nuk teat.

Sippy cups, another challenge. They were too big, or too odd, and I bought every BPA free starter model I could get, lined them all up, and finally got her to use the Nuby ones. They were good, since we worried about some of the valve models and her already touchy ears (it was during the months of ear infections)

Now, we've got other issues. She CHEWS on the Nuby bottles, breaks the seal part, and then "washes" everything. Yesterday we caught her washing her books.

We need a new sippy. One that she can't chew on, that she can still get water out of easily (the girl has no problem drinking enough water), but that she can't use to "wash" anything. Oh yeah, and did I mention BPA free? She has thus far resisted straw models because she wants to tip her head back. (doesn't mean I'm not trying)

So tonight I went shopping, and tomorrow we are repeating the sippy cup showdown of last year. This time with all new models.

We have stage three and four Playtex, including straw sippy. I also got a Munchkin straw sippy, for another open/close option. (tried to find the super firends variety, but no luck) I would like her to be able to do that part herself.

Did I miss another option? I've been checking out BPA stuff at Zrecs, but if these don't work, I may need other choices.


Birdie said...

have you tried the born free sippy's? that's what Otto uses and they are great...

Christina said...

Cordy has used these for years - they're the only ones she would accept. I like that the valve is built-in, and the spout can't be chewed through. Plus the cap is also built-in, too. You can find them at Babies R Us.

If I remember right, these are #5 plastics.