Thursday, November 20, 2008

It continues, and the cracks show

Today it got worse, she's refusing to eat or drink just about anything. We've tried all of her favorites.

On Doctors orders of whatever it takes, Popsicles, jell-o, etc, we've tried everything we can think of to get fluids into her, and she refused it all. What kid refuses jell-o?

Maybe my trying to stick to health food while she's little has backfired. I mean, seriously, I would have killed to get jell-o when I was sick. I got plain yogurt with honey...

Her white blood cell count from yesterday to today has gone down, but so far, her fever has not really. No rash yet, so maybe not roseola. Just a damn virus.

The worst part, I'm tired, and getting short with her. Frustrated and it isn't fair to her, because she's just a little kid who is sick. I've had to walk away more times than I wish... Wishing like hell that "because I say so" held anything with her. I suspect it never will.

I just hope it breaks so, and she isn't so stubborn to not even drink something when she feels better. (we suspect she's refusing to drink/eat because well, she's like her dad)


Jen said...

Poor little girl :( Maybe it is the flu? Hope she is feeling better soon!

Marketing Mama said...

oh how awful! I'm sorry to hear she's so sick... :(

Christina said...

Poor thing. Sorry to hear she's still so miserable. (And as a result, you're so miserable.) It could still be roseola - the rash doesn't appear until the fever breaks. Cordy's had it twice, which is practically unheard of.

Hope she's feeling better soon.

Jill said...

Poor thing & poor you! Hope she feels better soon!