Friday, November 21, 2008

Huh. Still sick

Still sick. The fevers seem to be more under control, so I definitely think downward swing. This evening, I took her temp, fully under the influence of both ibuprofin and tylenol, and it was a mere 99.1 degrees. I doubt it would stay that low without intervention, but we're about to find out. I'll only give her meds at night if she wakes up. Sleep is too precious.

The good news is that today she drank a lot of water (comparatively) and even managed to eat more than just cheerios and puffs (though that was mostly what she ate). The majority of the food was steamed dumplings from a local Chinese food chain. At least she has good taste.

My mom's flight gets in in less than an hour, and we haven't cleaned a damn thing. The dishwasher need to be emptied then filled, the garbage need taking out, and I'm just realizing I need to go throw in the sheets I got for her bed so they are dry when I get home from picking her up. Crap.

Oh, the only thing I'm worried about is that M hasn't peed in four hours. That can be normal right?

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Christina said...

After a long fever, not peeing for four hours can be totally normal.

Glad she's feeling a tiny bit better! Hope the family sitch goes well.