Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Snow Always Saves My Holiday Spririt

The snow that we woke up to today was perfectly timed. Yesterday we did some holiday shopping for M, and A called his parents and cleared up some of the confusion about our plans this year. It was a perfect weekend (except for the sick thing)

I think I'm ready to take on the next three weeks. The day job promises to be pretty darn busy, but I think if I can just get over this bug, I'll have things pretty under control.

The gift we got for M was her other big one. We had been trying to figure out if we should get her a kitche. We decided yes, she would love it, but then I went back and forth on which one. I knew I didn't want a plastic one, but the all natural wood ones were too expensive, and we don't have much space to work with.

My SIL sent me this great one, and I fell in love, but I was still worried about the space. We went to Costco this weekend to see it in person, and we realized it was the right choice. It will fit the space we have, and the color will work if we ever have another kid (specifically if it happens to not be another girl).

We had to renew our membership, but with the 30 bucks off, it pretty much paid for itself to go this route.

So that, along with the baby doll I already got her, means that shopping for M is very nearly done. Now all I need is a list for my niece and I should be able to finish up with plenty of time left to do some baking.

As a random aside... A ride on dinosaur? Really? A says he would have gone crazy for it when he was a kid, but I guess with our small house, I just can't see any way it would make sense. I'm also not entirely sure that it wouldn't scare some kids.


Christina said...

I would have loved a ride-on dinosaur when I was a kid. Now, though, I wonder where in the world I would put such a thing.

We have a play kitchen and Cordy loves it. But now that Mira is mobile and makes a huge mess with it, we put it in Cordy's room. There really wasn't room for it downstairs anyway.

ShoNuff said...

The dino looks frigin awesome... I want to get one but might be to big for it...