Thursday, November 6, 2008

Building a dictionary

I'm always so amazed and when something with M seems to happen quickly. There are days and days that drag on endlessly it seems, then all of sudden she explodes. It happened when she first walked. It happens every two weeks it would seem with her growth. (I am buying 3T shirts for my very tall girl since while 2T fits, I am afraid she'll outgrow them too quickly)

The most recent explosion is her language. She still babbles incoherently most of them time, but she has started to put words together.

"My shit" - My shirt (don't even get me started about her using MY all the time)

"Shoo bus" - School bus (emphasis on the S on bus that she recently started pronouncing)

"Teth baa" - Tess's ball

"Mo Pwease" - More please - she signs both words of as well

Words that she had the first letters of taken care of have ending consonants.

It all seems to have happened overnight. Of course, it was a night of very bad sleep, like most of her big jumps seem to include.

Last night I was at the store buying her more footy PJ's for winter (again with the 3T because the other ones are giving her a wedgie), looking at the little itty bitty ones (not even preemie or newborn, since she never fit in those) and realizing that those were the ones she was wearing less than two years ago. Now she is nearly three feet tall. A year and half from now, she'll be asking questions like "why" and "how". She'll be telling me about her feelings, her dreams, her hopes. She'll even be making memories that she'll remember when she is my age. I wanted so bad for the sleeplessness, the unknown crying (reflux) to all be over with, and now I just want to slow it down, a little.

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Birdie said...

i know! its so amazing, isn't it? the rate at which they change is hard to wrap your head around...