Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pre BlogHer Freak Out #1

Last year around BlogHer time it seemed that everyone from Savvy Source was going and I was totally bummed about not going. Every post about preparations just made it sting. I remember that feeling. So if you can't go this year, but you wanted to, I'm sorry about this post. You can just ignore it unless you want to laugh at how much of a geek I am.

I am a major spreadsheet geek. I would make a spreadsheet for just about anything. It is this huge challenge to see how much I can automate. Because I am a spreadsheet geek, I made a spreadsheet for my packing this year. A list of everything I need to bring, with the clothing organized in to outfits with what day they are planned for. I even use reference cells so I only had to type some stuff out once. There are even these nice little boxes so I can check it off as I pack it up. It hasn't stopped me from freaking out, but I'm trying.

If you're curious what all is on it, I offer you some highlights.

Remember the awesome black dress? I'm wearing it with these shoes. (in red) Well, I will be if the size 12 ones fit better than the size 11 ones do. Thank god for Endless, or my big feet would never get cute shoes.

I also got this dress from Lands End in a super bright orange. It looks just awesome on me, and I am absurdly happy that I fit in to their regular stuff. Beginning to fit in "regular" sizes opens up so many more choices in clothes and I am drunk with power.

Also from Lands End, this skirt. Can I get an Amen! for the a-line skirt. Well, the a-line anything really. I got it in brown. I convinced my mom, who hasn't found a skirt that flatters her well in years, to get the last black one. Pairing it with a turquoise t-shirt and flip flops.

Last but not least, a nice pair of jeans. Gap jeans. Now that I'm Gap jeans eligible they are discontinuing the style I fell in love with. The Essential jean. They were on super sale at the outlet, so I bought a pair in the size I'm wearing now, and a pair a size smaller. I may actually be in the smaller size by then. Relatively certain that they will be paired with a tank top, cardigan and the oh god I love him even more Michael Kors sandals. Why do I love him, it is not just because he is a "top American designer", no, it is because the man makes size 12 shoes. Take that Crocs!

For non clothes highlights:
Extra bag for any swag I get (which I promise to share)
Neosporin and band aids because I am a notorious clutz and there are two new pairs of shoes involved in this adventure
Potholders!!! If you're going, and you see me, ask me for one. They are my "swag" if by "swag" you mean something I've been doing for a couple of weeks to keep me from going nuts about leaving my kid for the first time like ever.
My Moo mini cards made from some of my headers and some of my other favorite photos.

Say, if you're going, say Hi to me. I promise to say Hi back. Swears.


RookieMom Whitney said...

I hope you're making a spreadsheet of people you want to hug at BlogHer (I am) and I hope that I'm on it.

You look fab in the black dress.

In case you don't get your 5 minutes with Tim Gunn, I'll say it for him, wear a bra that fits. If you lost 10 lbs, you may need to get sized.

Signed, she who has been every size between C and G over the past 5 years.

Marketing Mama said...

Boy, I haven't commented here in a few days (or is it weeks? Sorry!) but I'm so excited for you. I hope you have a fabulous time and I hope you'll share all the great things you'll learn with us bloggers back at home. :)

kristen said...

I covet that Lands End skirt... very cute.

Christina said...

And I'm bringing a bra for you in my suitcase!

I think we're going to have a blast this year. Now I need to make a spreadsheet to figure out my party schedule. :)