Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The best laid plans

I may have mentioned before that I'm sort of a geek about lists and planning. I had my whole week before BlogHer planned out. Doing laundry, shopping for stuff for the house while I'm gone (making sure that they are stocked up so that there is no need for solo Target runs). I even had my packing laid out, based on what I am taking that I may need to wear to work, making sure it all fits.

Apparently the universe thought that was terribly funny. They decided to throw in a little child illness to really make things fun. You know, something nice and contagious that I am now making ever effort not to get myself. It could be strep*, it is going around daycare, or it could be random virus. (so far, no concerns of "the flu", wrong symptoms)

Sure, I don't have to worry about work clothes, it is 6 PM and I am still in PJ's, but that nifty geeky packing list? yeah, that would be at work, where I will not be before I leave. I'm catching up tonight by packing, seeing as I can spend tomorrow in my PJ's too.

The worst part is, I feel like I'm no longer mentally prepared for the whole damn thing. I'm stuck worrying about what M is sick with instead of how I am going to fit the extra two pairs of shoes I'm bringing for Christina. Maybe it is good, maybe it will keep me from dwelling on the fact that I'm leaving my baby for three days! Or maybe I'll just be a big mess come Thursday night when I get in.

*The first test was negative but she had just gotten sick. I have a 6th sense for these things. I am rarely wrong, but I often bring her in too early. I guess it is conditioning from having her in daycare and knowing the sooner she starts the antibiotics, the sooner she will be back in school. We go back tomorrow if she is still sick.


Christina said...

Sorry to hear that M is sick. Don't stress too much on packing. Just remember the basics (deodorant, underwear, etc.) and some outfits, and the rest will come together.

We're going to have a lot of fun!

Elizabeth said...

You will remember enough things to bring and if not, then shopping in Chicago is fun! :)

The Fritz Facts said...

I know you will be good, everything will find it's place.

I am a major list maker too, and when I am without, I panic. IT will be alright!

Hope M is feeling better, and that it isn't strep!