Monday, March 9, 2009

Testing the limits of my lungs

Today was my fourth time. While I'm pretty sure that I've found my better form, and proved that I am still strong (carrying around this much extra weight makes little weights not seem so bad) I am getting my ass kicked by the cardio.

I found my tennies, and with them I've been taking on some more high impact parts. Ouch! I know this is the one that comes with time, but it sucks. I've been getting in an extra rep or two of the strength stuff to make up for what I can't tolerate on cardio. If it gets really bad, I just sort of run in place. Trying not to lose momentum.

I know I'm not even half way through level 1 (if I do 10 of each level), but right now I don't know if I'll even graduate to level 2. I need it to get warm out (blizzard warning tomorrow) so I can start walking or even *gasp* running perhaps. I need new shoes before that, but with the way the weather is shaping up, I have time.

One last thing, before I forget. I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me, or said I was brave or inspirational for doing this publically, and posting those pictures. I've tried to respond to the ones that I have email addresses for and thank you personally. The community I have found really makes me think that I am making life long changes here. Kristen, Christina, and Julie especially because they're the whole reason I'm doing it. The fact that I've already gone a week without really stopping says a lot. By the time I'm done with March, I'll have created a new habbit (if you believe Stephen Covey) and that will be the best reward for all of this. No matter how much weight I lose.


Anonymous said...

Great job.
Proud of you.

April said...

WOOT WOOT!!! We're here for you!