Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Progress is totally progress.

Weigh in this morning, 238. Yeah! Two pounds is a respectable and good loss for a single week. Especially when you consider that I lost about 15 pounds between the beginning of the year and my first weigh in last Tuesday. That makes me definitely on the downhill slide to 20 pounds lost. Which is huge for me.

I don't feel like I'm dieting, I don't feel deprived. I feel like I am making healthy choices more than I am not. I do feel like if I want the mini brownie, I can have the mini brownie, and it doesn't mean I've failed, or given up. It just means tomorrow, I don't have a girl scout cookie.

OK, side note here. I have had, count them, two Girl Scout cookies so far this year. I ordered ten boxes, sold two boxes, and gave away a bunch to coworkers.

I've worked out four of the last seven days. That means I have worked out more than I have not. I will work out again tomorrow, and each time I do the workout I will get better. I may actually buy running shoes to run in.

I will totally relish the fact that I am getting smaller, I am getting stronger, and I am doing what it takes for me to feel better about myself. I will so totally be H-O-T by BlogHer.

I am having trouble with the high impact stuff on 30 Day Shred. My knees are starting to hurt some. New shoes are in order. I wanted to use my REI dividend for some new sandals for summer, but it looks like it is going to new cross trainers. Anyone have any experience with the Keen cross trainers? I've only ever worn their more casual/comfy shoes, but that alone makes it seem promising for something I could go walking or just generally exercise in.


tere said...

See if you can find a running store that looks at how your foot, ankles and knees are with different shoes (whether they help you strike straight through) A video of you walking or running on a treadmill is how it was done for me. I suppose an alternative would be to try some out with you work out and see how your knees feel.

Shib said...

I second what tere said. I am going to one as soon as my knee stops twinging. I need ebtter shoes and I think that's why I keep hurting myself.

Also, reminder to self: find the 30 day shred DVD.

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

I love Keens, but here's a tip. If you decide to go with them, buy them at REI through customer service if you can't find them on the floor. If they don't carry what you need and they don't have any in backstock, they'll do a special order for you, which means that the purchase still goes toward your dividend if you keep them and the same refund policy applies as to the rest of their merchandise if you return them. It's a much better way to go than purchasing Keens through another retailer or through Keens directly because there isn't a refund time window (if they ever tell you they can't refund, you can contact corporate directly through the website and they'll take care of it for you, the stores aren't actually allowed to refuse a refund if you tell them you aren't satisfied for any reason).

I used to work at REI, does it show?

Lol. Anyway, good job on the program thus far! Congratulations on the progress =)